Torchwood Series 2 boxset £24.87 delivered @ DVD.CO.UK

Torchwood Series 2 boxset £24.87 delivered @ DVD.CO.UK

Found 8th Apr 2009
This is the complete boxset of the second of the second series of the BBC's Torchwood @ a bargain price of £24.87 delivered @ DVD.CO.UK. This is the cheapest price on the market. Review
In many ways a far more experimental and variable series than the show it spun out of, Torchwood demonstrates many of the qualities of Doctor Who, but has certainly developed a tone all of its own.
Season two finds the Torchwood team still under the pavements of Cardiff, and still led by John Barrowmans Captain Jack Harkness. But theres a lot going on this second series, with a variety of guest stars--including Alan Dale (yup, Jim Robinson from Neighbours), James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Richard Briers--along with the arrival of Freema Agyemans Martha Jones. There are also a variety of intriguing threats that the Torchwood team face, and while the tempo is often uneven, at worst its always interesting.

Whats more, Torchwood isnt afraid of pulling its punches. Unpredictable at times, right through to the explosive final episode, this second season is an improvement on the shows already-impressive debut. And while it sometimes makes familiar mistakes as it tries to play to a more mature audience, it nonetheless feels riskier than before, and better for it. Furthermore, where they take it now for season three is a fascinating proposition: fortunately, theres plenty of rewatch value in the shows second series to cover the wait to find out. --Jon Foster

Outside the Government, beyond the Police, fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The 21st century is when everything changes and Torchwood is ready. Torchwood, the award-winning drama created by Russell T Davies, bursts back onto our screens, bigger and bolder with more adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Toshiko (Naoko Mori) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern day Cardiff.

The new series sees the team encounter alien terrorists, a stranded creature threatened by humans, a tragic soldier from the First World War, as well as a memor y thief who exposes long-forgotten secrets in members of the team and a wedding with an unexpected guest.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
To the last Man
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death
From out of the Rain
Someone Borrowed
Exit Wounds
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