Torchwood Series One (1) DVD Boxset £14.99 delivered + quidco @

Torchwood Series One (1) DVD Boxset £14.99 delivered + quidco @

Found 27th May 2009
The 21st Century is when it all changes and you've got to be ready... - Captain Jack Harkness.

Set in modern-day Cardiff, Torchwood stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack from Doctor Who.

Captain Jack and a group of renegade criminal investigators are charged by the British government to find and retrieve alien technology and respond to any extra-terrestrial threats posed to Earth!

Episodes Comprise:

1. Everything Changes
2. Day One
3. Ghost Machine
4. Cyberwoman
5. Small Worlds
6. Countrycide
7. Greeks Bearing Gifts
8. They Keep Killing Susie
9. Random Shoes
10. Out Of Time
11. Combat
12. Captain Jack Harkness
13. End Of Days

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Seems a good price for a very good series. I think I'll pick this one up, cheers. Heat added / rep given.
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