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Black Friday Code Live: TWO Years VPN + 30GB Encrypted Email + VPN Router £47 @ TorGuard
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Black Friday Code Live: TWO Years VPN + 30GB Encrypted Email + VPN Router £47 @ TorGuard
Torguard is one of the most reputable VPN's available and is very fast and reliable and included a router and 30GB encrypted email account. The router cost around £8 for UK delive… Read more

Good VPN and good pricing! using Promo Code: LifeTime50 you will receive a 50% for life time not only for once or Christmas.


Looks like a good VPN but no server in Austria :( . Actually changed my mind. Yes it does :)


Is there an issue that these vpn are based in USA ?


Nordvpn is pretty good, they have a 3year deal for $99 if I remember rightly


Any views on air vpn

TWO Years VPN + Mini VPN Router + TWO free Months Streaming IP for approx. £45 @ TorGuard
Refreshed 7th Aug 2018Refreshed 7th Aug 2018
TWO Years VPN + Mini VPN Router + TWO free Months Streaming IP for approx. £45 @ TorGuard
Awesome offer from Torguard, one of the mostly highly rated VPN providers in the market - I'm currently with another VPN provider and tempted to switch to this. If you're looking … Read more

Using the Promo Code LifeTime50 you get a 50% recurring discount for lifetime. Nice deal


Almost every deal on this website uses a HUKD affiliate link. If you’d rather not allow HUKD to take a cut of your purchase (like myself) click through the ‘get deal’ link, copy the url, open a incognito tab and paste it in minus the referral ID. Be sure to click through Topcashback instead


I wouldn’t recommend personally. The connection would drop every 15 minutes or so for me for atleast a minute. Switched to PIA and have had a constant stable connection since. + it wasn’t easy getting a refund when I told torguard of this^ + they promise no logging but do + rubbish download speeds + leaky dns so useless for privacy + quick google will show lots of users complain they can’t use Netflix with this vpn

If this offers VPN servers in Phillipines, Argentina and Russia, I'm in - I want to make use of the cheap Spotify, Netflix and Xbox deals!


Good deal on the vpn and router, I bought this router a couple of weeks ago from China and installed Wi-fi pineapple firmware on it and it holds up well

2 Years TorGuard VPN £42 + Free 300Mbps VPN Router £7.50pp
Found 7th Jan 2018Found 7th Jan 2018
2 Years TorGuard VPN £42 + Free 300Mbps VPN Router £7.50pp
I have received an email from Torguard who are running a New Year promotion, similar to the Black Friday deal here . To get the router, select Anonymous VPN "buy now" select " B… Read more

Some good info here . I use Mullvad and you have the added ability of paying in BTC or cash by mail if you want the extra anonymity. AirVPN allow you to pay in privacy coins like XMR, XVG, ZEC but need to register your E-mail which is a bit of a hassle. Haven't heard of IVPN. If privacy matters to you I'd use one of those instead of the more common services available.


That’s not exactly true. It’s true the over head of the encryption can slow down your internet connection but expecting a drop of 50% is absurd. Some people actually get speeds that a greater than they get without a VPN when using a VPN due to ISPs shaping traffic and throttling their connections. Using a VPN provider that utilises fast servers and manages them properly, as well as using capable hardware for the connection, you can easily achieve your connection speed if your line is 100mb or lower. You could probably get higher speeds but unfortunately I haven’t tested that so can comment directly. I have however seen people achieve speeds of 300mb when using a VPN. The only time you would see a massive difference (50%) if the above criteria is met, is if your normal ISP connection is 1Gbps.


Nope. Your modem gives you the internet. Devices that are using the VPN will look as though they are connected to a single site and that doesn’t change. You can browse anything you’d like but your ISP would see that your still connected to that same server and the data is encrypted so they can’t see what you’re doing. That doesn’t mean your anonymous however. By using a VPN your putting a lot of trust in the VPN provider. They are essentially your ISP whilst your connected to their servers and can see and/or log what sites you visit, protocols you use, servers you connect to and bandwidth used etc.


There are a few reputable ones that you can get. Always look for VPNs that don’t log and take your privacy seriously. I recommend you look at a blog post posted a few days ago by TorrentFreak. That compares lots of different VPN providers. Here are the ones I’ve personally used: - NordVPN - Private Internet Access - AirVPN - Mullvad - TorGuard - IVPN - Windscribe - OVPN - AzireVPN The ones in bold are the ones I’d recommend. Particular shout outs to IVPN (personally I like them the best), AirVPN and Mullvad. I have had slow connection speeds with NordVPN and it’s been hit and miss with OVPN. I do like Windscribe but I don’t really trust them as of yet. Time will tell. Hope that helps.


The way VPNs work is that you connect directly to their server and all your requests and traffic is encrypted on your PC and sent encrypted to the VPN provider. Once they've received it, they decrypt it and forward the request to whoever it needs to go to. All your ISP will see is a single connection to the VPN sending a stream of encrypted data that they can't read. All websites will see is the information you've sent having come from the VPN's IP Address. In theory this means your traffic is completely private. In practice though, the VPN could be keeping logs of your traffic (lots say they don't but you've no way of knowing) that could be handed over to the police/FBI or even worse, the police could have seized the VPN's security certificate and will have the ability to snoop on your traffic.

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[Runs thru to MID DEC] - 2017 Black Friday / Cyber Monday - 2 Years VPN Plan + FREE 300Mbps VPN Router  £37 + 7.50pp @ TorGuard w/code BLACKFRIDAY
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
[Runs thru to MID DEC] - 2017 Black Friday / Cyber Monday - 2 Years VPN Plan + FREE 300Mbps VPN Router £37 + 7.50pp @ TorGuard w/code BLACKFRIDAY
Free 300Mbps preconfigured GLi GL-MT300N V2 Mini VPN Router can be used as a stand alone router or attached to your exisiting router (meaning every device/TV is protected.) Plan is… Read more

Deal is still active by using promo code: LifeTime50 you get a 50% discount for lifetime


Thanks for the update. I have forwarded this information and your link to GLi forums to Torguard, so they can look in to it. I'll post when they reply.


The problem with the VPN not working appears to be down to the "Force VPN" flag. If it is disabled, wireless VPN connection is fine for me. So the info provided by TorGuard on this appears to be wrong. Or perhaps TorGuard rely on this flag for secure connection? I don't know. Anyway, I made much more progress by contacting GLi directly on their forum here. Incidently, when I used a 4G internet connection giving 40Mbps at the time I tested, throughput dropped to 7Mbps when connected via the GLi router with the VPN enabled. This seems about what you'd expect. Fast enough for some but not all data streams.


You should be able to use the mini router as wireless repeater or bridge, but not with the VPN enabled. I've managed to connect OK with the VPN enabled, but there's no data transfer once connected.


I've managed to connect it to my normal router/ home network and can't connect to it via wireless rather than my normal router, can't figure out how to get my full network via VPN but at least anything that I connect to this router via wireless goes via my dedicated ip I setup on it

50% off 1years vpn service from torguard ($29.99) / £20.74
LocalLocalFound 9th Feb 2016Found 9th Feb 2016
50% off 1years vpn service from torguard ($29.99) / £20.74
50% off a years torguard VPN using code YBS4S3G88P I think it's a lifetime annual discount. Not used them yet but if the deal is still on when my cyberghost account ends I'll g… Read more
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​is there a discount code it's coming up at $40 about £28 or do you have a loyalty discount please ?


I even tried it with just the modem connected via Ethernet, no router. Still dropped my speed by 70-80%.


Asking your router to manage the VPN encryption typically drops throughput - even the likes of cisco quote one capacity for straight routed traffic and a very different figure where a VPN is terminated on it. Did you try with the VPN client on your PC rather than the router?


How so? I get the full 100mb I pay for, even during peak times. Meaning my router is capable of delivering 100mb and does so on a daily basis.


I know I'm a little late here but I signed up for torguard a few days ago. I have VM's 100mb and even at peak time I get 100mb. With torguard my speed maxed out at 30mb. So I gigantic loss of 70%. Not acceptable to me so I contacted support. Live chat had me connecting to every server with every type of cipher. No difference so they said open a ticket. First email said this isn't normal, we can fix it! Then asked me to do exactly as live chat had (despite live chat saying he'd relay the information). I did and replied. Second email asked me to try with no encryption. I did and replied. Third email said and I quote 'well, 30mb is still very fast'. Be then went on to tell me I knew nothing about VPN's and non would be any faster. And I should stop being stupid and realise paying to lose 70% of my connection speed is absolutely fine (I had told him several times I didn't expect zero speed lost just that 70% wasn't acceptable). So not only is the product crap. Customer 'support' is crap too. On the plus side I cancelled and got a refund within half an hour without asking. So there's that at least.

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Torguard VPN with dedicated IP £12.20 for 6 months recurring
Found 4th Jul 2015Found 4th Jul 2015
Torguard VPN with dedicated IP £12.20 for 6 months recurring
Had PIA for a bit but ended up accidentally cancelling it (trying to change payment type!) so was shopping about and found this cracking deal. Step by step: goto http://torguard.… Read more

As Thar says 6 monthly bill coming so keep a look out if you used a infrequent email address My renewal was $14.99 - seems I didnt select "TG Viscosity License" the first time - am I missing anything here? ONly an occasional VPN user tbh


Just had my 6 month renewal notice through. Is this still competitive?


What is it about Torguard that makes you think it isnt a VPN?


So then why is this in the VPN section if it isn't actual a VPN?


Oh crap, that's what we get for taking too long :(

TorGuard 50% off for Lifetime VPN: $29.99/year, Proxy $23.50/year, Encrypted Email $25/year with coupon code "TGLifetime50"
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
TorGuard 50% off for Lifetime VPN: $29.99/year, Proxy $23.50/year, Encrypted Email $25/year with coupon code "TGLifetime50"
Found this deal on reddit, great deal for this VPN I think. The voucher is for a recurring discount but unfortunately the voucher ends tonight (I think). Found information at: … Read more

that's the way how to do it :)


Used the Torguard service last nite to watch US Netflix , was very good , cut out briefly only once in about 6 hours, so thumbs up so far :))


I was going to post that one but read this:


I'm not sure whether to go for this or


^^ indeed, ends in 1 day according to

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