Torque Wrench 5 piece set - Torque range (Nm): 28 - 210 - Lidl £14.99

Torque Wrench 5 piece set - Torque range (Nm): 28 - 210 - Lidl £14.99

£14.99LIDL Deals
Found 29th Mar 2012
Good quality torque wrench perfect for tightening the bicycle crank after the spring service.

Made from robust steel
Reversible ratchet for clockwise or anti-clockwise use
Includes ½" extension, length (cm): 12.5 and 3 sockets, sizes (mm): 17, 19 and 21
With quick-release mechanism
Supplied in a practical carry case
Torque range (Nm): 28 - 210
Measuring tolerance: +/- 4%
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I don't know anything about bicycle's but I would confidently say that this is way to big, I would probably go with a 3/8drive and a much lower starting Torque.
Even so ignoring the comment on bicycle's this is an excellent Torque wrench for cars & motorcycles
though you may wish to get a smaller one in addition to this'
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Trust me.....loosening a bottom bracket is no mean need some serious leverage...and tightening is done with a torque wrench else you will thread an aluminium frame....…ns/
I,ve just studied the torque tables via your link and I would suggest a 3/8 drive torque wrench a 1/2 drive breaker bar as the best solution. I don't really hold with undoing nuts with a torque wrench unless its designed for left hand threads. This torque wrench though would be ok for the torqueing of the bottom bracket you mentioned.
In reality there's "no one size fits all" and a 1/4 drive wrench would also be needed for
bicycle's.if you were to go by the book.
These comments by no means detract from the deal which I think is excellent.
just make sure you only torque the drive side of bottom bracket (normally, basically whatever side the bottom bracket with the preattached cup goes in on,) If you tighten the non drive side with it theres a good chance you will ruin your bottom bracket.
Great deal! Was about to buy a torque wrench for £30. Doing a gear oil change next week so will get this. Is it available now or next Monday as offers are advertised in advance.
Start date of 5/4 as per OP and the website, it is on the Driving Down Prices page.
Thanks, on Mobile site and it doesn't show start dates.
Just picked one up this morning. Seems pretty good for the price. Would have preferred size adaptors in the set rather than 17/19/21mm. It is a 1/2" drive.
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