Toru board game £2 + £3.90 p&p at The Entertainer (was £20)

Toru board game £2 + £3.90 p&p at The Entertainer (was £20)

Found 28th Oct 2006
Reduced from £20 to £5.Use the £1 off voucher ENTINV06 (thanks to rob_webset)to bring it down to £4.The £3.90 p&p spoils it a bit,but there are 1 or 2 other good deals here which will spread the load.
Unleash the dragon!

Toru is a fantastic new board game which involves chanting, uh-huh, chanting! So how does it work? Well, it's a game for up to five players which involves collecting a combination of 'coins' so that you can claim a dragon.

To start the game you place all the coins face down on the table and each player selects 7 coins. Everyone puts their coins in a tray, (a bit like a scrabble stand), so that only they can see their 'hand'. The dragon figurines are placed in the centre of the table so that there is one less dragon than there are players. Take the matching coloured dragon tokens, (2 per dragon), face down and shuffle them around each player then takes one dragon token, looks at it secretly and then places it in their tray. The aim is to grab the dragon of the same colour later in the game. The next stage is to look at your coins and decide what sets you want to collect to make a full house, (a full house comprises of one group of three matching coins and another group of four matching coins).

Then the fun begins!

Once you've decided what you want to collect you'll know which coins you want to give away each player picks an unwanted coin and slides it to the person on the left while simultaneously collecting a coin from the person on the right and shouting TO-RU! The idea is to get a full house and be the first person to grab a dragon from the centre of the table once you've seen someone grab a dragon everyone else has to try and grab a dragon too (even if they don't have a full house)... obviously someone always misses out because there's one less dragon than there are players. It really is hilarious because you're trying to concentrate on so many things at once you can play each game individually or use the scoring rack on your coin tray to keep track of who's winning an tournament.

Fantastic after dinner entertainment for people of all ages a really energetic board game which is great for giggles.

Pack Contents:

4 Dragons
8 Dragon Tokens
5 Coin Racks
39 Toru Coins

Not suitable for anyone under 5yrs of age.

Now down to store price of £3.
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Never heard of this before but it sounds good, thanks bazr

Also £5 at Amazon so useful if you are ordering other items from them to get free delivery over £15.

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Now £3 plus delivery.:)
So with the voucher and delivery it's £5.90

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It's just been spotted slightly cheaper ][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR]

Same price here.I think they might be part of the same company.:)
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