Toshiba 24 inch LED TV £90.30 instore @ Tesco

Toshiba 24 inch LED TV £90.30 instore @ Tesco

LocalFound 14th Dec 2017
Toshiba 24 inch LED HD TV reduced to clear. PC input. Freeview etc. Gloucester Tesco instore.
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Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title.
is it 720p or 1080p?
There was none in my local today. It will be store specific.
Thanks andywedge. New to posting on app. This is in St Oswald’s Tesco Gloucester for anyone interested. It doesn’t say full hd 1080 on front of box so guessing 720 but not sure was in a rush!
24" and probably 720p?

have i wondered into again?

or did i just step out of a blue police box in 2007?
Thanks for posting the deal, whether it is for me or not I rather know about it then not, if I am interested I will click on it, if not I won't bother.
Almost certainly Vestel - so ignore the 'Toshiba' brand
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