Toshiba 32" Hd Ready Freeview Lcd Tv £ 341 Delivered with Coupons

Toshiba 32" Hd Ready Freeview Lcd Tv £ 341 Delivered with Coupons

Found 21st May 2008
Toshiba 32" HD Ready Freeview LCD TV
Model no: 32C3031D
Resolution: 1366 x 768.
Contrast ratio: 4000:1.
Brightness: 500 cd/m2.
Active Vision LCD Picture Processing.
Digital Teletext. EPG.
Nicam Stereo.
2 x SCART sockets.
2 x HDMI sockets.

Good price for a decent brand,



Seems a bargain price to me for the Toshiba 32C3031D. A mid spec branded 32 inch tv complete with 24fps, SRS Wow and a nice design.

So why was this not hotter than 42 degrees? (I really am asking...)

EDIT: should be added that you get 3% back when buying through Quidco bringing the delivered price down to £351 I believe...

Good price.

Others are looking £420. Anyone ever bought from bargain crazy?


They're apparently Littlewoods Clearance dept as the order confirmation and customer service contact has been with them. I'm not impressed with their 10 working day delivery time but still glad I bought the tv before the coupons expired.

Deal expired unfortunately now as price back up to £399 delivered.


Hey all, just for the record its now been about 9 workings days and I keep being told the courier will ring me to arrange delivery. Doesn't look like I'm gonna get the set now until early next week now. If there had been any better deals in the meantime I'd be royally p'd but as it is I'll just try and be patient... not easy tho!


Just a warning that I've had nothing but grief since paying [url][/url] aka Littlewoods Clearance for a tv on the 24 May.

I've been waiting 14 working days.

Customer service on the 7th working day gave me a tracking number for their couriers ([url][/url]) that didn't work. They subsequently blamed a system failure.

On the 7th working day after ordering they said its at the couriers and the couriers would ring to arrange a delivery time as it was a two man delivery item.

On the 9th working day they said they'd already told me the courier would ring and sounded like I was wasting their time.

On the 10th working day they said they'd look into it.

On the 12th working day they said sorry we didn't call you back we'll look into it.

And yesterday, the 13th working day, they said we're looking into it and subsequently called me back to say their couriers claim to have attempted to deliver on the 9th working day but that the item was rejected as 'not as ordered' by someone whose name I've never heard of!

Bargain Crazy continue to tell me that they can only query things with their courier by email and that they have no idea where my tv is or who the courier tried to deliver to or why.

Pathetic. If I could go back in time I'd never have ordered. I'm now counting down the days until the 24th June when I can file the chargeback with my credit card company (as refuse to refund me until they get the tv back off the courier!!!)...

It's cheaper now! Just getting the word around! Ends TONIGHT!…d-h


Never did get the tv. Customer service finally confirmed that the courier has officially 'lost' my tv and I've been given a refund.

Not impressed and would NOT recommend giving your money to aka Littlewoods Clearance
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