TOSHIBA 32C3030D LCD TV (newly launched) £619 (poss £579)

TOSHIBA 32C3030D LCD TV (newly launched) £619 (poss £579)

Found 28th Mar 2007
This new Toshiba is priced at £619.99 with Dixons. If you use the £30 off voucher (valid until 31st March 2007) you will get the tv for £579 which is an excellent price. (don't forget quidco!)

I bought one of these last week from a local supplier mainly because Dixons did not have them in stock (they do now)and i wanted them to install. Price from High Street was £699, but i managed to get them down to £649.

Normally i'm always up for a bargain but this company will install as well as plug in any other equipment (+ we had lost our dvd remote and they are replacing that at cost for us.)and i knew that it was in stock (the £30 voucher might have expired before Dixons got them in stock) I'm a technophobe and it would have took it a week to set up!

it's being delivered on Friday (can't wait!)at a specified time (another bonus for me)

more bumpff!

Toshiba's state-of-the-art REGZA C3030D LCD TV range is design and technology focused to be at the forefront of the High Definition revolution. The REGZA C3030D models feature Toshiba's acclaimed Active Vision LCD picture processing technology. This high performance system reproduces three times more pixels and four times more colour tones than conventional LCD TVs for dramatic, lifelike pictures. With standard features including a built-in Freeview tuner, twin HDMI sockets and HD scaling, it is easy to see why Toshiba's REGZA C3030D LCD TVs lead the way in High Definition entertainment.


£561 here not to osure on delivery


581 including delivery ask to price match too

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excellent price from digital direct - also buy now pay december available. maybe i should have gone for internet purchase after all

I wanted to order the wlt66 from digital direct, but found their ability to respond to queries via email non existant.
I would go for this TV but I don't understand the difference between this and the wlt68 model which is a lot more expensive. Does anybody know if this is the replacement to the wlt66 model?

This is the replacement for the WLT66, which is now being discontinued. The WLT68 is 100htz and has 3 HDMI sockets.

Thanks for that tolgak. I could very well be tempted then. I'm sure the greater htz doesn't warrant the extra it costs for the wlt68 model, although i'm sure technophiles out there will argue that it is.

are digital direct tv's new or refurbished?

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some more information for you

here ]http//ww…ent

and here

To kick off its extensive 2007 line-up of REGZA LCD TVs, Tosh is launching the C series; a four strong range that, on appearances at least, look a bit like its 2006 screens.

This time round though it's all about high contrast ratio, with the 32in (32C3030DB) and 42in (42C3030DB) boasting 4,000:1, the 26in (26C3030DB) 3,500:1 and the 37in (37C3030DB) a whopping 5,000:1. Other than that it's pretty standard fare, with all models sporting a Freeview tuner, two HDMI slots, 500 cd/m2 brightness and 1366x768 screen resolutions (what happened to those ][COLOR=#0000ff]1080-line[/COLOR] screens you once did then eh?).
Picture quality comes courtesy of Toshiba's high performance 'Active Vision LCD' picture-processing technology and on board SRS WOW audio tech should means sound shouldn't be left behind, either. All models are due out this month, bar the 26in 26C3030DB which is due July. Pricing to be confirmed.

So what is the difference between the REGZA C3030 and the WLT68 models in the 32 inch because there is a hell of a price difference.

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to me there doen't seem to be much difference apart from the 3 HDMI ports and the 1080htz screen resolution.

the c series also does not have the Onkyo sound system. They have the SRS WOW

better review here (i also found it hard to understand why they are launching them so cheap)


My telly's about to give up the ghost after 11 years, it's a mitusubishi CRT and still has a BRILLIANT picture. I'm looking for a new one and spending between £500-750. Our lounge isn't that big so is this one you'd recommend..?

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mine is to be delivered tomorrow - i'll let you know what it's like

our sony crt has a cracked screen - which is why it is being replaced, other than that is hadan excellent picture so i'm hoping the toshiba will be as good.

I was originally interested in the WLT68, but this one is more affordable for us and seems very similar to the C series

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well, it arrived, finally. after apromised 9:30 - 10:30 delivery slot it arrived at 2pm.

it's great! loks fab. sound is excellent (we previously had sony with trinitron, nicam) the sound from the tosh is far superior.
if you're thinking of purchasing and know basic set up of tv's this looks a cinch! they took about 15mins to carry it in, set it up and leave.

i've had a mess with the SRS WOW sound with the Incredibles! fanatastic

if you can buy thos over the net for less than £600 whcih you can - go for it.

i had a chat to the guys and they said it was easy to set up. only problem was if doing auto setup it missed a couple of the bbc channels so all they did was put those in manually. Hope this helps someone

Oh - and i also asked why the new series range was cheaper that the WLT68 and they basically said it 's because the prices have come down so much but they can't reduce the WLT's any further as they would be losing out. Also said that the c series was a better tv

was going to order this but theres a voucher thats expired today
could any1 help me and pm me a nice code please?
can i say what voucher has expired?

Dixons price today = £577.89

That's annoying! I ordered mine last night. Going to cancel and re-order. The website was showing this £577.89 price last night for a time, but when you clicked on it it came up as £619. Going to have to wait a few more days now I think.

wonder why tis is getting so cheaper with a new launch
is there something we dont know
is this better than the 32wlt68 series?

[SIZE=2]Will you be able to get a price match at John Lewis to get the 5 yr warranty?[/SIZE]

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£577 in Dixon's = now i'm really cheeed off - i paid £649 with installation and delivery.

for that price can't recommend this tV enough! it is worrying that it is getting cheaper - ia lso wonder why!


wonder why tis is getting so cheaper with a new launchis there something … wonder why tis is getting so cheaper with a new launchis there something we dont knowis this better than the 32wlt68 series?

No it's not better than the 68. This is the replacement for the 66 which is a good model, but the 68 is the flagship still for the moment. In a couple of months doubtless the next range will be released, so as always with LCDs, it's like buying a pc, there's never a good time to take the plunge!!!

is this model £100 cheaper better than the wlt68?
i mean is it better to spend £100+ more fro the 68?

Don't Forget Quidco 2.5% around £12.00
Discount Voucher £10 off Spend over £200 valid until 4/4/200

Price After Voucher & Quidco = £555.89


is this model £100 cheaper better than the wlt68?i mean is it better to … is this model £100 cheaper better than the wlt68?i mean is it better to spend £100+ more fro the 68?

For me, yes, but for you, maybe not. Best to go and see them in action, it's all so personal to the individual.

this is available on the Empire website for £580…htm

Delivery is another £15 - but you can get a 3 year Guarantee for an extra £20which is quite good

This is now £539 - before any discounts, quidco and egg card.

ahhhhhh i want one at 539, but 32" will be too big to be sitting 2 metres away from it in the bedroom. and the 26" one aint out for 2 months :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Now a possible £476 with an EGG card and the discount code!!!!

towner how do you get that figure?

i am aware of a 10 pound off and 5% thro egg card?

this makes it approx £503

please let me know thanks



Now a possible £476 with an EGG card and the discount code!!!!

The £30 code has now expired, it is only £10 available now.

I stand corrected - Egg is 10% at the moment, so the price after quido works out approx £461 :w00t:

Double check that you can use the EGG card offer and Quidco at the same time, tried it once and it failed!!

£555 delivered from Amazon?

Now £475 - before any discounts, quidco and egg.

£469 empire direct.

John Lewis will price match (shops only... empire direct is a store apparently, thought it was just a site).

John Lewis give 5 year guarantee on all TVs at the moment.

So are Digital Direct, same address as Sound and Vision oddly enough
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