Toshiba 32RV753B 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD - ONLY £299.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Toshiba 32RV753B 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD - ONLY £299.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK

Toshiba 32RV753B 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Digital LCD TV with Freeview HD - ONLY £299.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK

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Good price for a decent brand with Freeview HD!!

Manufacturer's Description
The REGZA RV series is a range of Full HD 1080p Ready LCD televisions, blending superb picture and audio quality and delivering it in a stylish high gloss black design. All Regza RVs feature Resolution+ technology which enhances standard definition content to virtually high definition quality. EcoPanel is also featured and is designed to consume significantly less power than a conventional LCD TV without comprising on picture quality. The AutoView function is able to adapt to the lighting conditions in the room and analyses the content on screen, automatically and instantaneously providing optimal picture settings at all times.

Freeview HD

Built-in Freeview HD is the easiest way to enjoy terrestrial HD broadcast for free. You can also access up to 50 standard definition digital TV channels and 24 radio stations. No subscription, no contract, no fuss. Freeview HD gives you so much more…Watch your favourite TV in glorious high definition with free HD channels from BBC, ITV and S4C (in Wales). Set the detail free - HD channels with up to 5 times clearer picture than standard definition broadcasts. Hear a pin drop – crystal clear sound from Dolby. Buy now, watch now, free forever – simple installation and no monthly bills. Plus up to 50 digital channels – with 99 of the 100 most watched programmes all for free.


Windows 7 certified. Integrated DLNA technology allows you to wirelessly connect to your REGZA TV, via an optional Toshiba USB dongle, to your compatible Windows 7 laptop and stream multimedia content including music, video and images. Now it’s easy to move files between your TV, PC, printer, music player, phone, camera and more, wherever they are in the home. By integrating your TV into a home network, either wirelessly or via a cable, you can use your REGZA remote to find multimedia on your DLNA-enabled laptop elsewhere in the house and call them up to your living room TV screen. Imagine the possibilities.


Instantly upgrade everything you watch to near high definition quality. Our award winning Resolution+ upscaling technology, which has been improved and re-engineered to upscale any non-1080p source to provide sharper and clearer images with improved edge detail and better textural content of the final image.

Resolution+ takes everyday standard definition content and instantly improves edge detail and texture, enhancing it to virtually high definition picture quality. With Resolution+, your 1080p Toshiba LCD TV will produce near HD picture quality on all standard definition TV, DVD and downloaded content you watch while still delivering the most pure and stunning picture quality possible from all high definition sources.

Watch as your favourite movies, programmes and games become clearer, richer and sharper than ever before.

Active Vision II

Active Vision II is our acclaimed high performance picture processing system. It has been designed to produce high quality, high definition images by enhancing core elements of a television picture:

Detail: Images are now spread over a larger number of smaller pixels compared to a conventional LCD TV. This allows highly detailed images to be produced far more accurately across all colour tones.

Colour: Active Vision reproduces colours with more tones than conventional LCD televisions, producing images with reduced banding for a smoother, more realistic colour progression.

Movement: : Picture sharpness in fast moving scenes is increased, with a reduction in the jagged edges often seen on lines and fine detail.

Contrast: The continuous monitoring and automatic adjustment of contrast, enhances detail and increases the ability of the television to represent subtle shade changes.

ECO Panel

Toshiba REGZA LCD TVs which feature EcoPanel are specially designed to consume significantly less power than a conventional LCD TV, without comprising on picture quality. Toshiba’s EcoPanel technology utilises materials of the highest possible quality and clarity to construct an LCD panel so translucent that as much as half as much light is required to illuminate it as compared to conventional panels.

A TV with a conventional LCD panel requires powerful backlights to illuminate the screen. This is where most of the power consumption comes from. By reducing the amount of light required to brighten the screen, REGZA LCD TVs with EcoPanel can deliver the same brilliant HD picture quality, with almost half the power.

With EcoPanel, you can relax knowing you LCD TV is being kind to the environment and saving you up to 45% of your TV’s energy consumption.


AutoView technology automatically adjusts picture settings depending on not only room lighting, but also the content being watched. The ambient light sensor constantly adjusts the LCD’s backlight to provide a better viewing experience. In light rooms backlight is increased, in dark rooms backlight is dimmed.

The technology eliminates the need to constantly have to adjust the backlight brightness and colour settings in order to find the best viewing experience in all environments.

AutoView means that your REGZA LCD TV will be performing to its full potential, delivering the best possible picture quality at all times.

Dolby Volume

Dolby Volume stops those annoying fluctuations in volume during commercial breaks and when switching between channels or sources such as your DVD player or games console, providing a more enjoyable viewing experience. It also provides a full and consistent sound experience at all volume levels, even low volume.

Sound Navi

SoundNavi technology provides even stronger sound projection, enabling integrated TV speakers to powerfully direct audio to the nearest hard surface and amplify sound in the same way as freestanding TVs. You can also adjust the audio direction of TV speakers once wall-mounted.

Full Power Down

We have fitted an On/Off switch in response to the concerns expressed by many consumers who would prefer to turn their television off completely..All models are extremely energy efficient, but we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and will always do everything we can to minimise the impact our products have on our surroundings.

Digital TV

Between now and the end of 2012 the UK will be turning off all old “analogue” TV transmitters and switching your TV signal to “digital”. Digital TV offers new ways to enjoy your TV. You will have a greater choice of TV channels as well as access to additional features and services which will enhance your TV-watching experience

When the digital switch happens in your area, your older analogue TVs will no longer be able to pick up a signal. To keep your normal TV service running, you will need to convert your TVs to digital before your area’s switchover date.

Switching your home to digital is easy. All you need to do is purchase digital tuner and connect it to your analogue TV or alternatively, you can replace it with a new digital TV. All Toshiba LCD TVs carry the Digital Tick and come with Freeview built-in, making them the ideal option for preparing your home for the digital switch.



Bought one last week from here - one slight downside to it, which is mentioned in on-line review sites, is quite a limited viewing angle.

Only £285 at dixons with 5% off code: DIXONS5


Only £285 at dixons with 5% off code: DIXONS5

Yep; it's been £299 for ages at Amazon; occasionally a little cheaper elsewhere as well; £285 seems good value to me.


Don't forget the Free LoveFilm / Odeon tickets offer - running to the end of Feb I think - 24 free cinema tickets is a nice bonus on the price :).


Plus you can part exchange an old laptop for up to £100 extra off...

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