Toshiba 32RV753B Full HD 32" LCD TV *FREEVIEW HD* ONLY £315 @ Amazon

Toshiba 32RV753B Full HD 32" LCD TV *FREEVIEW HD* ONLY £315 @ Amazon

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I know there's a few of these Tosh deals about, thought I'd post this 1 as a seperate one. Thanks to Tomwatts for the original 40" thread.

* Freeview HD- Built in Freeview HD is the easiest way to enjoy terrestial HD broadcast for free
* Resolution + - Provides sharper, clearer images with improved edge detail and better textural content of the final image
* DLNA- Connect your TV via a USB dongle to your compatible Windows 7 laptop. Stream content including videos and music
* Eco Panel- Consume upto 45% less power than a conventional LCD TV wihtout compromising on picture quality
* Dolby Volume- provides a full and consistent sound experiance at all volume levels, even low volume.

Just what I've been looking for. Corking price for a decent branded 32" with 1080p AND FreeviewHD.
Shame I havn't got the dough for it at the minute, wish I did
Hope this helps someone.

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Specs look ok and its Full HD
I'll add some HEAT

looks velleee intellesting...

have some ruveree heat

suprised this isnt hotter , i posted it for £320 few weeks back got to 300+ heat

cant edit the above for some reason,
forgot to add that i own this tv (£350 for john lewis), very nice tv only gripe is that the remote control is quite unresponsive and its not exactly the best looking tv but apart from that its mint!

For full HD and Freeview HD this is an amazing price, especially for great brand

heat added! Looks mint!

nice, bought

What they don't tend to post is this tv is 100hz and LED edgelight

Sorry I was confusing this with the 32SL753, this is 50hz and std backlight.

after price change and expiry. New deal at…312
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Agreed price now put back to original price but voucher only valid untill midnight tonight at present
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