Toshiba 32WL66P £515 Delivered + quidco!

Toshiba 32WL66P £515 Delivered + quidco!

Found 7th Jan 2007
Duck electricals are currently selling this TV at the lowest web price of £550 + £20 delivery. This is the freeview less version of this popular TV, but if you have Sky or cable this doesn't matter. It's also far cheaper to add an external freeview box anyway.

Go through Quidco where cashback on this is quoted at 4%, although the current figure is unknown.

Once on the site enter the code ZYQP at the checkout to get 10% off. After entering you payment details the price will be shown as £495 + £20 delivery. I've been holding off buying this TV until i could get it for around £500 - now finally took the plunge!

Code definately still works as of 7th Jan.
- karlosblanco


Nice looking telly,
Anything known about this model? any good reviews?

Aren't Duck owned by a well-known retailer....or did I just dream that??


We’re part of the Otto Group, the world’s largest home shopping company, so we’ve got loads of experience in the supply and service of electrical goods

NIce spot, looks a real good price for a branded TV.

Review here:…785

Even though it does not win, it has the best Lab Report of the lot!!
Been looking at this TV for ages as it has excellent reviews and twin HDMI inputs.

Freeview model here:…805

Same TV but with Freeview, but it gets a 5 out of 5 rating!!

Hope this helps.

The Freeview model is £699 at ]John Lewis . OK, quite a bit more but it does get the 5 year warranty (I note Duck are selling an extra 2 years warranty on this TV for £159!).

I have the 42 inch one of these they are great! and unlike others the sound is loud! u dont need a hi fi! it sounds as good!


Review here: … Review here: though it does not win, it has the best Lab Report of the lot!!Been looking at this TV for ages as it has excellent reviews and twin HDMI inputs.Freeview model here: TV but with Freeview, but it gets a 5 out of 5 rating!!Hope this helps.

Thanks Towner, much appreciated.

Hang on, isn't this the 'much' older version. I'm sure the superior 32WLT66 can be had for not much more than this - Though it's £799 on this duck site.

AS far as i'm aware this model is exactly the same as the WLT except it has no built-in freeview...

I think this offer code is no longer valid.

I was tempting buy this tv however this product is marked as follows:- Non-Returnable once installed or connected. Your statutory rights are not affected. Certain goods are not supplied on our usual approval terms. These items are clearly shown by this logo ]http//fr…KSI Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have 7 working days in which to cancel your order. There are some exceptions to this, including:
[*]Personalised items or goods made to your own specification
[*]Goods which, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned or are likely to deteriorate rapidly
[*]Sealed audio or video recordings or computer software that you have opened[/LIST]Before delivery
If you want to cancel your purchase, no problem. Just make sure you tell us at least seven days before delivery.
After delivery
You have the right to cancel your order within 7 working days from delivery. You must notify us of your intention to cancel within 7 working days. You can return most items as long as they're ‘as new', which means...
[*]Unused, undamaged and complete with all parts and accessories
[*]Goods must be complete, unused and in "as new" condition. If you've opened the box to examine the product it must have been done without damaging the packaging or the product in anyway and must be repackaged as received.[/LIST]now i am not so sure

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Kilty66, i think you'll find their conditions are little different to any other retailer.

The standard 7 day distance selling regs are valid so long as you haven't damaged the product in any way and it can be packaged as new.

Other than that you get a standard 12 month warranty as with anyone else.

The next cheapest price for this TV is £569 from Pixmania + delivery. This really is the best price going by miles.

Yep it is a good price but the code has now expired.

I thought the freeview and non freeview versions had different on-board processing, the freeview one having better PQ from what I heard ...

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The code is still valid. You need to proceed right through to the order confirmation stage where it will show the discount. I've just tried it again and it works.

Weird as i tried it in my basket and it gave me an error. So you have to go right through the checkout.

Weird..your right..sorry about that everyone.

Code definately works. I just ordered one at £495 (£515 with delivery)

The 32wlt66 is only 619 from currys with the freeview built in. With codes it was 569 a while back and free delivery. I bought one and it is superb:thumbsup:

They had no stock when I tried the other day. I use Cable anyway so Im not fussed. And its cheaper to get a seperate box if I do need one.

Thanks for the pointers and extra info guys

Duck are part of the Otto Group [Grattans, Freemans...]

I will never purchase from this company again!

They have no accountability including in my case of discount codes, arranged delivery ( waited whole day and no phone that it will not arrive on the day and had to phone them to find out), took money in parts and refunded in parts with different amounts of original and short changed me by £100 and escalated complaint to managing director and credit card claim only for one of the customer service manager who dealt with me previously to deal with it. Finally no answers to my questions or apologies provided as requested by manager or managing director or his office so that this does not occur again and/or to other [COLOR=Red]valued customers[/COLOR].

Managed to get my £100 after many web chats, calls and letters and over 1 1/2 months and mainly by credit card claim it seems.

Sorry OP for the damper, however I had to highlight my experience and I will personally duck from this deal!:-(

Well fingers crossed now as Ive ordered it. Has anyone had any good experiences of Duck?

Well like I said I ordered one. 1 day later I went to use my credit card and it came up needing authorisation. They told me that Duck had taken £1 from the card to see if it was a valid card and then taken the full amount and credited the £1. It had flagged up as unusual so the credit card company wanted to speak to me. So that was all sorted. 3 days later I did an online chat with Duck to see if they could give me a delivery date. They said there had been a problem with the card and the order had been cancelled. (I pay my card off every month and have a stupid limit of about £6000 so my card was fine) I asked them if they were ever going to tell me the order had cancelled. They ignored me and said "thank you for contacting Duck". I wont be contacting them again. Im going to order from somone else who I can talk too and who will give me good customer service. Sometimes the cheapest deal isnt the best deal. But I did find this deal if anyone else is interested in a greast 32 inch LCD tv:…htm

Ive rung them up and they can deliver in 3 working days. Result!…=10

I am in the process of ordering from these guys, im getting the 32WL66 as I only have a Sky connection. I also took advantage of the pay in October, 10% up front plus a £25.00 fee to setup the finance. When October come pay in full and incu no interest.

Also I managed to get a stand ordered from here…L66

I just added it to the basket and it has gone through, parcel coming tomorrow.

I also picked up the SW1000 subwoofer that fits on the back of the TV and greatly improves the sound for £69.99. Just search for Toshiba SW1000 on fleabay, cheap price and mega quick delivery!
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