Toshiba 37WLT66 LCD Now a possible £679.24 at Dixons!
Toshiba 37WLT66 LCD Now a possible £679.24 at Dixons!

Toshiba 37WLT66 LCD Now a possible £679.24 at Dixons!

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Toshiba 37WLT66 now down to £760, minus the £20 voucher floating around these forums, minus your 5% if you have an EGG Card or minus 2.5% through Quidco. Hope this helps!!

UPDATE: Apparently theres a £10 voucher that also works (PERKZ10) that works with the £20 voucher. Total price now £693.50!!!
- Towner

The 37WLT66 is back in stock at Dixons at £744.99 Free Del.
Code SALE500 for £30 off
Quidco 2.5% off
EGG Card 5% off

Possible Total £679.24
- Towner


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Can't believe no replies on this post, its a fantastic price!

Thanks Towner

PERKZ2007B should give £20 off £600 (if eligible). Not sure if this will work along...

Still none in stock for my postcode apparently which you only find out when you try to buy it and they haven't had any for several weeks.

They took my order then told me there was no stock the day after.

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Back in Stock at new lower price!!!

Good price if you can get one, I have just got this TV from Comet this week and I am very pleased with the TV.

I paid this much 10months ago for 32" Samsung.
So very nice

However with a Tosh 42" 1920x1080 @ £900ish I reckon by Q3 07 it'll be at £700ish. Also that LG 42" plasma is £700ish now too so the £400-£900 market is getting alot more competitive, which is good, but also means more choice and in a living room @ 9feet+ plasma tends to be preferred.

So while this product at this price is virtually £600 off compared to Q1 06 prices, it's just not that big a deal anymore really, but still good though

Agreed, good price but LCD and plasma TVs are similar to PCs of a few years ago - they reduce in price so quickly that there will always seem like a 'killer deal' at any one time, but in effect it's usually just a market-wide shift to lower prices. I won't be getting one until I can get a quality 42" plasma/lcd for less than £500. And it won't take as long as I originally thought.

I got the 32WLT66 back in September - for a then fantastic price of £750.

Like bellboys says, the prices are flying down on these, but this is still a good price - and only get one if you look on the positive side of having one to enjoy while the price is falling.

And if you realise the picture on LCDs is much, much worse than on standard tellies. I've not gone HD, but on normal sky it's a 5/10, on it's own tuner it's more like a 7/10 - but after lamping out the money I'd advise you don't have it sat next to your old CRT telly to compare the two. Very demoralising.

Thanks for this.:thumbsup:

After seeing this post, I cancelled my digitaldirect order who are very competitive price which I had placed the previous day.

I do not have an egg card, but i'm still making a small saving with the discount code and quidco.

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Did you use the SALE500 code.........................

Should bring the price down to 691.12 delivered with the Quidco saving.


Should people be willing to wait a few months for 29.4% bigger 42" TVs to fall.

Yes I did use the SALE500 code.......was even tempted to purchase something else so I could use the SALE800 code........then I came to my senses!:giggle:
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