Toshiba 40BV70 - 40" LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview TV - £299.99 *Instore* @ Richer Sounds

Toshiba 40BV70 - 40" LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview TV - £299.99 *Instore* @ Richer Sounds

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Great if your near a store.

Big brand, big screen, big bargain! The Toshiba 40BV70 is no small deal.

Featuring an impressive 40 inch screen, the Toshiba is off to a winning start. Yet it's not just the size of screen at this price, but also the quality. With Full 1080p HD resolution, the 40BV70 offers the sort of detail and resolution you'd usually expect from much more expensive TVs. With a brightness of 450cdm, the 40BV70 gives vivid images and realistic colour. In short, it may be a budget 40 inch TV but there's nothing basic about the detailed and rich picture quality.

In terms of sound quality this 40 inch Toshiba benefits from SoundNavi and Dolby Volume. Soundnavi uses wave reflection to bounce the sound off hard surfaces for a more powerful and focused sound. Dolby Volume evens out variances in volume between different components. It also improves the clarity of sound at lower levels. For even better sound quality, hook the 40BV70 up to an AV system.

When it comes to connecting everything up, the 40BV70 is fully equipped. Four HDMI sockets handle just about anything you can throw at it - HDTV box, games console, Blu-ray player and HD camcorder, for example. Another great feature is the USB socket. This lets you connect up your media player or USB drive and view photos and video on the big screen! There's also a PC input, twin SCART sockets and a component input - all that you could really need from a big TV.

For a big TV from a big brand that you've actually heard of, the Toshiba 40BV70 makes a big value choice


May be worth including Richer Sounds in your title or description, thanks for posting anyway

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Any editors out there who can modify? thought it had cut and pasted across.

14 available (1 per store) across the country. Also "may be ex-display or ex-repair" which fpr Richer Sounds often means you may not get a box, remote, cables, etc. Good price, but just saying.....

After reading about the 2 guys yesterday who ended up with half their Toshiba screen going on the blink, and My Mothers poor freeview tuner in hers, I wouldn't buy Toshiba anymore.

non up north for the last two weeks R S is a complete waste of time , its time they took orders so one could pick up from locale store

Waste of time, typical Richer Sounds bait and switch fodder, I think Richer Sounds clearance offers should be banned.

I think people do not see the tree's through the forest with these richer sounds deals. They do not hide their stock levels, they do not force you to visit store, they do except phone calls and will hold stock on request.

They do not have to have any deals but they do and some people get great bargains. They are not dsg swimming in money charging rrp to the average Joe either.

If you do not like richer sounds then stay out of the threads

All i can say is all the toshiba are the same, just screen size and the screens are always various makes in the same models.

I actually rang up to buy one of these from thr Birmingham store and there was no remote, no box, no manuals, SCREEN ONLY. Not that cheap in the end!
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