Toshiba 40KV700 40" LCD Full HD 1080p TV - £360 @ bestbuy £304 Inc del with quidco
Toshiba 40KV700 40" LCD Full HD 1080p TV - £360 @ bestbuy £304 Inc del with quidco

Toshiba 40KV700 40" LCD Full HD 1080p TV - £360 @ bestbuy £304 Inc del with quidco

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This is another 40" Full HD TV, what makes it interesting is Quidco is currently 15% (edit)

Model: 40KV700B

SKU: 1000140846

EAN: 5900496512269

Spec Item Available [Spec Details]
24p Playback 24p Playback shows 24 image frames per second for judder free images. Films are shot at this speed.
3D Ready 3D Ready means that you can watch 3D content on your TV, providing you have a 3D transmitter and 3D glasses.
Brand Name Toshiba
Built-in Digital Tuner Freeview If your TV has a built-in tuner e.g. for Freeview HD or Freesat HD, then you can enjoy free digital TV programmes via your standard digital TV aerial, without the need for a separate set top box.
Child Lock Enables you to put a security code into your television to restrict what your children watch.
Composite Video Input A connection to link TV's and DVD players, limited to only standard definition. It cannot carry HD images like a HDMI cable.
DLNA Technology Digital Living Network Alliance Certification covers products that can share data with each other over a home network.
Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital audio technology ensures you experience premium sound, whatever content you watch.
DVI Input DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a connection standard for linking a computer to a digital monitor or flat screen television.
Eco Mode Eco Mode adjusts the settings of your TV to ensure as little power is used without compromising the picture quality.
Energy Star Approved Energy Star is a symbol for energy efficiency, to save money and the environment with energy-efficient products.
EPG 7 Day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) tells you what programmes are on each day, a brief description and allows you to set reminders.
Game Mode Game Mode sharpens the picture and speeds up the image processing response for a better gaming experience.
HDMI Input 4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a connection to transfer digital data from your equipment to your TV.
Internet Connectivity With selected models it is possible to connect your TV to your home internet connection and access selected websites, such as YouTube or BBC iPlayer.
LED Backlight An LED TV is effectively an LCD TV backlit with individual Light Emitting Diodes. It exceeds the quality of LCD TVs because blacks are not hampered by a permanently lit backlight.
Motion Pattern Noise Reduction This feature detects moving images and adjusts the picture to eliminate noise, giving you a cleaner, sharper picture.
Number of Scart Sockets 2 A Scart lead is a cable made up of 21 pins used to connect a television to analogue audiovisual equipment. As HD popularity continues to grow, HDMI cables are rapidly replacing Scart connections.
Off Timer Allows you set a time for your TV to automatically turn off.
PC Input With a PC input you can connect your PC or laptop to your TV with a VGA cable.
Picture Overscan This function stretches the image to ensure the picture covers the entire screen.
Picture Resolution Full HD 1080p HD Ready TVs have images made up of 720 lines, giving much better quality than TVs of old which only had 480 lines. Full HD TVs with 1080 lines offer the highest quality picture, especially when you're watching HD TV channels or Blu-ray movies, or you're using a HD games console.
Rated Power Consumption 190W The maximum continuous power that your TV handle.
Refresh Rate 50Hz Measured in Hertz, the frequency of which the image on screen is refreshed. A higher refresh rate means a less juddery image.
Response Speed 8 The lower the speed in milliseconds, the better the response rate and the sharper the image.
Screen Aspect 16 : 9 Wide This describes your screen shape as a ratio of width to height
Screen size 40 inch diagonal Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner.
Speaker System Stereo This feature describes the speaker configuration for each TV.
Standby Power Consumption 1W The amount of power the TV uses when left on standby mode.
S-Video Input A connection to link TVs and DVD players, limited to standard definition only. It cannot carry HD images like a HDMI cable.
Television Type LCD LCD, LED, Plasma and 3D TVs each offer their own benefits, if you would like to learn more please visit the Inspiration and Advice section by clicking the Inspiration and Advice tab at the top of the page.
USB Port 1 A USB port allows selected media to be enjoyed on a TV from a USB source, for example viewing photos stored on a USB memory stick.
Video Noise Reduction This feature ensures a smooth and polished image when watching television.
Wall Mountable This television is suitable to be displayed on a wall using a wall mount.


my god what a bargain

Opening Offer - not a mistake like the Humax HDR!!

£324 with quidco.


OP please note - the spec DOES NOT INCLUDE 3D, LED BACKLIGHT, DLNA etc as stated above, only the items ticked on the spec sheet are included on this model.

Still a good price though and voted hot.

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Yeah I know. Copy and paste on iPhone not perfected yet.

not bad if you like poop sound and average lcd picture, heat added btw
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must be a bargain

Picture any good on this? Can't find a review.

looks good :P

No reviews about

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Im after a TV for Xmas but not in any rush, despite this looking a good deal Im yet to take the plunge. Main thing putting me off is the lack of reviews!

Ive found nowt so far!

Like the 32 in Toshiba posted earlier today, I reckon this is a model that is re-numbered just to sell in Best Buy. You can't find reviews on them. As I said on that thread, we have a 19in Toshiba that is great but the bigger Toshiba budget tv's seem to get poor reviews in the tech magazines.

I'm the same as "whohasmyname"! Was going to wait till the Boxing Day sale! One thing to note on this is that it's not Freeview HD which is on newer models so is this an old model??

KV series is low-end/entry level model range announced in February, but nobody else seems to sell them.

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Seems a bit of a bargain

Tempted, especially with the Quidco


Looks a great deal, heat added

Amazing, I just wish those guys would deliver to Germany ;).

It's only 50Hz which isn't that good for gaming.

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Bumping this as cashback on quidco is 15% for the weekend!!

its hot great price


Bumping this as cashback on quidco is 15% for the weekend!!

Hi Can you tell me when is quidro offering 15% cashback? The quidco site is currently only offering 10% cashback for best buy.

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Hi Can you tell me when is quidro offering 15% cashback? The quidco site … Hi Can you tell me when is quidro offering 15% cashback? The quidco site is currently only offering 10% cashback for best buy.

I think the weekend bit from the original post was key. It was last weekend.

HOWEVER I've just noticed it's 15% again AND the tv is a whole pound and a penny cheaper than b4

How and where do you acquire and put a QUIDCO promotional code please?


Just got this delivered, god they weren't kidding about crap sound quality!
Took a punt on it thinking it can't be that bad, and the price with quidco was excellent, but the sound is flat, tiny and distorts very easily at normal viewing levels.
Impressed enough with the picture quality though, guess I'm going to be buying an AV receiver just that bit sooner then I was planning!

What is the image quality like with freeview and other standard definition material?
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