Toshiba 42Z3030 100HZ 24fps 1080P LCD TV - £1121.15-1149.90

Toshiba 42Z3030 100HZ 24fps 1080P LCD TV - £1121.15-1149.90

Found 30th Oct 2007
Price is £1079.91 if you buy the tv from the shop, £1149.90 if you get it delivered or £1121.15 with quidco (2.5%). Next cheapest i think is for £1176 after quidco or £1200 without.


im not 100% certain you can buy from their store, you should phone up to find out, i will then edit the title price if you cant.

Here's their address:

Digital Direct
Express Trading Estate,
Stonehill Road,
Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 9TP

EDIT: they dont have a shop i just emailed them, so cheapest price for this tv is £1121.15 delivered after quidco, can a mod please edit this thread. thanks.
- hajj_3


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can cold voters please explain why they are voting cold? this tv has just been launched, only a few places have it and this is the cheapest price. if you dont know anything about it then dont vote.


We bought the 42WLT68 for around £1600 6mnths ago with stand and 3 year warranty from [url][/url] its a cracking TV with a great SD picture because of the 100hz picture processing. I can imagine that this TV is even better with full 1080p and 24fps as well as the 100hz processing. Incidentally this TV is £1,440.73 at TV&V Direct (also based in Bolton) so quite a saving.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, but as usual, better to go look before you buy with these things. Great price though, so voted hot here!

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could cold voters post where they are finding this cheaper please.

Maybe they vote it cold because of the price? And ignorance of the spec...
It's probably a great tv - but people don't want to pay £1100 when they can get one for £800 - just wont be as good though...

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thats why they shouldnt vote if they dont know what an item is. this is arguably THE best tv out there and for around £1120.

Lol Freedom of speech and all that! Least we forget what people fought and died for!
Price is just as important to people as features & if you want to argue the toss this is probably not ARGUABLY the best TV & will be superseded by another in a few months so don't have a cow about the way people vote.

Or should we all stop voting because we may offend somebody!

Samsung-LE40F86BD and this is a Review by people who are in the know.
Check out…BD/

Nope I do not own one but I have spent months reading up on these dam TV,s till I am being driven insane by all the geekness of it all!
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