Toshiba A100-027 Dual-Core 1.6GHz Window Vista £499.00

Toshiba A100-027 Dual-Core 1.6GHz Window Vista £499.00

Found 1st Feb 2007
Another value for money laptop from Toshiba after the fuse just before Christmas on the A100-147. The appearance looks very similar but it has Window Vista pre-loaded, as well as bigger hardisk of 80GB.

The laptop also available from…559

If someone can find the discount code, which we had seen in the past, it could bring the price down further... if you still remember £404.00 for the A100-147 just before the Xmas.... Good luck all.

Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2060 1.6GHz

533MHz FSB

1MB Cache

1024MB RAM

80GB Hard Drive

Dual Layer DVD ReWriter MultiDrive

15.4" Widescreen Display

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

128MB Intel GMA 900 UMA Graphics

1 Year Free Warranty

Previous A100-147 version post can be found at…169

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I'm going to PCW on Saturday to see if I can get one to replace the LX disaster from the other day.

I was told by PCW staff a few weeks ago that there will be Microsoft people in all PCW stores this weekend pushing the vista products, I guess there will also be some first come first served deals as well, they need to make this work so credit cards to the ready.

Cheapest deal around is £530 so a few quid savings but I will hold out until Saturday anyway. Have a look in the booklet that PCW have at their front door, usually have some coupons in the back for a bit more off purchases.

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can collect the laptop from PCworld store but not Currrys which only available online

It is considered a good deal. I bought the A100-147 with only Win XP MCE and have to spent another £15 or so to order the FREE upgrade Window Vista DVD although claimed to be FREE. still waiting for the Vista to arrive. This new model A100-027 will save all the hazzle and possible incompatibility issues as someone already reported the memory card reader may not work with the Vista on A100-147 model due to the lack of driver.

BUT Dual core not Core 2 Duo
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