Toshiba BDX2100 - Blu Ray Player - £49.95 cheap @ Richer Sounds
Toshiba BDX2100 - Blu Ray Player - £49.95 cheap @ Richer Sounds

Toshiba BDX2100 - Blu Ray Player - £49.95 cheap @ Richer Sounds

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Toshiba BDX2100 Blu Ray Player

"The Toshiba puts up a decent performance for the price, with punchy whites and deep blacks, and breezy usability." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine.


heat added for the addition of "cheap" on the end, its on the screen, it must be true! :P

In-store only. Would be nice to see one cheap BluRay Player available to order on their site!

Also, is this technically true?
"the Toshiba BDX2100 will also upscale your existing DVDs to Full 1080p "
If that's the case, what's the point in BluRay Discs?

Upscaling is a poor man's Bluray - it is good but it's not the same as a 1080p bluray.
This unit works by interpolating the DVD to fill in the missing lines -that's why it is not as good as the real thing, but it can fool the eye creating a 'sharper than DVD' experience.

Hope that helps

Looks a good deal, but it's Richer sounds, and they never seem to have any stock of these items, will check it out.


As suspected 0 stock anywhere near me.

Edited by: "rdann" 28th Mar 2011

I've been looking to trade in my PS3 because I never play it, this will make a great substitute blu ray player.

I bought one of these at this price from Richer Sounds Bristol about 2 weeks ago. The deal came through in the VIP newsletter.

Impressions of the player - the image quality for Blu Rays is clearly superior to my previous setup, which was an LG BD-ROM drive in my HTPC. The colours are better defined, and in particular, the sharpness and clarity is miles better. Really impressed! Only downsides are that it's not compatible with 3D (if you have a 3D TV) and despite having an RJ45 port, it doesn't make use of any media streaming features, but for £50 you can't really argue.

At the time, RS had plenty of stock, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's mostly gone now.

We are seeing loads only Richer Sound deals posted by newcomers !!!!! Any body noticed it???

I'm sure there was a guy in the Sony thread talking like he worked there as well...lol. Conspiracy!

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