Toshiba C660 320GB 15.6 Inch i3 Laptop - £349.99 @ Argos (possibly £274.99 with trade in)

Toshiba C660 320GB 15.6 Inch i3 Laptop - £349.99 @ Argos (possibly £274.99 with trade in)

Found 31st Mar 2011Made hot 31st Mar 2011
Was £499

Intel Core i3 380M.
2.53GHz processor speed.
2GB DDR3 RAM memory.
320gb HDD

Seems a decent price. We have Toshiba laptops at work and they seem to be quite rugged

Plus a £10 voucher when you spend £100 (which you will )

You can get £75 Trade-in from Toshiba, obviously terms apply. Details at…in/


Its worth noting that these only have 2 USB ports, criminal on a full sized laptop!

Does it have a hdmi port?

just googled that and from what can see would say not

No hdmi means no sale for me, think ill wait for the new sandybridge laptop cpus and usb3 though I appreciate might cost a bit more.

Hasn't got hdmi, I got one of these from tesco when they had the 20% off a while back paid just over £300 after quidco and have to say it's brilliant very fast boot and handles everything I've thrown at it, for the price I can't knock it

I get a 10% discount at Argos, which makes this pretty cheap. I guess with no dedicated graphics, gaming on this is a no?

If it could handle TF2/L4D2 on low settings, I'd definitely consider this. Any idea about battery life also?

I'm looking for a laptop asap
It's mostly for browsing/email school/college work sometimes he downloads tracks never full album don't play games etc
Does this have Bluetooth and how easy is it to upgrade ram?
There is one on savealaptop for £329 ram upgraded to 6g but not intel i3


I'm looking for a laptop asapIt's mostly for browsing/email … I'm looking for a laptop asapIt's mostly for browsing/email school/college work sometimes he downloads tracks never full album don't play games etcDoes this have Bluetooth and how easy is it to upgrade ram?There is one on savealaptop for £329 ram upgraded to 6g but not intel i3 Thanks

For the uses you've stated this is more than enough. Upgrading ram can just be removing some screws and clipping extra ram modules into place. Some manufactures glue the sticks in place making life more complicated. You don't need 6gb of ram I get by fine with 2gb of ram in my gaming pc. For uses you've said you'll benefit more from i3 processor then 6gb of ram. It doesn't say about bluetooth but you can alway buy a usb dongle for blue tooth connectivity. Hope this is helpful.

thank you
also im sure it comes with 2 years warranty

this is the one i was talking about in the post…tml

No dedicated graphics...?
Not for me thanks... Used to have a fujitsu-siemens with shared graphics. Dual core 1.7 & 2gb RAM - it wouldnt run vista aero because of the stupid graphics... bottlenecked the entire laptop. Quickly replaced with toshiba that has Radeon 2600 HD, far smoother and quicker!

I purchased one of these from Argos a few weeks ago and it is an excellent machine. I work as a software developer and wanted a newer laptop for work at home. I have upgraded to 6GB ram (cost £35 and less than 2 minutes to install) and am running several Virtual Machines.

A few points of note, this is a 380M which is at the top end of the i3 range and is Windows 7 64 bit. I am getting well over 3 hours batter life.

There are a number of models in the C660 range with various processor / memory / hard drive configurations and this was the best price I could find (£349) for this 1F1 model. You can also get up to £75 trade (link on Argos).

I've had a number of Toshiba’s over the years and never had any problems. If you want HDMI out or dedicated graphics then buy something else (but it will cost you!)

Just picked mine up looks nice quick and easy to setup 2years warranty but I bought using RBS royalties card so 3 years I'm happy

This also has £75 cashback on it if you trade in a < 4 year old laptop. Worth adding on the OP, as it brings it down to 275 quid which is a steal.…in/

Need a working old laptop. I have about 3 which pretty much work and should do the job - just need to see which fits the < 4 year old thing - there's a way of checking on above site.

Why is this only 173 degrees?
This should be a lot hotter.

Good price for a top end Core i3 cpu equipped laptop.

It doesn't have dedicated graphics so it can't really be used for gaming...true, however, for those of us who need a faster cpu, without the frills, this is perfect. I've searched and I can't find another laptop with a Core i3 (380) cpu, at this price.

Unless someone can point me in the direction of a better deal (ie. has a core i3 cpu at a lower price), this is the best value laptop (with a fast cpu), that I can find.

Yeah, I agree. Been checking back to see why this isn't getting toastier. The Asus deal for a slimline laptop from saveonlaptops (£320) isn't bad, but for a potentially £275 this is a bargain. Even Dell outlet can't get within 100 quid for the spec.

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Have added info about trade in, don't know a great deal about it though

Writing this on the Toshiba laptop, very impressed so far, it even has a num pad and a bevelled effect finish so there is no finger prints left all over it!!!!!

Picked one up today. Got it home and it had a single dead/stuck pixel (bright white). I'm **** so that it would attract my attention whenever watching a video on it so I took it back. Was a little concerned they wouldn't replace it as a quick google suggests manufacturers will only repair/replace if 5+ duff pixels. Anyway fortunately they swapped it no fuss, and even more fortunately they opened up the replacement in store so I could check that before taking it away. Needless to say that had a single duff pixel too, in a more central place. So they got another one out, and touch wood this one seems fine so far! Hot for the price considering the spec, and hot for the customer service from Argos. I would however hesitate now with a Toshiba after the two laptops with a duff pixel, but that was probably just unlucky!

Forgot to say, in the box Toshiba included an extra years warranty for this model, making it two years in total. Plus Argos gave a free 12 months McAfee anti-virus subscription. Not bad!

The problem with Acer is that they have a poor reputation with regards to reliability. Acer and HP were somewhere near the bottom, while Asus and Toshiba were at the top.

3gb ram though, kinda the minimum for a i3

acer has 3gb ram,
toshiba has slightly faster cpu.

I believe that the Acer from Dixons is more expensive. The price shown in that thread is incorrect. I believe that the red laptop can be had for £360.

yeh, it was my bad, didnt realise it at the time it's expired though
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