Toshiba H10 HD camcorder £80.49 (£69.99 ex VAT) at Makro

Toshiba H10 HD camcorder £80.49 (£69.99 ex VAT) at Makro

Found 21st Oct 2009
In the new Makro catalogue (Special as they have re-fitted many stores) is the camcorder above. No idea what it is like but claims to be HD using a SD card. I looked at prices and they seem to be from £100 up to £160 so may be a bargain for someone who's looking for one. Had them in Cardiff but as I still use an old mini DV I didn't pay much attention to it though it looked quite small.
Only info I have is 10 Mp
5x optical zoom (poor I know but better than these zonnox things we see ith only digital zoom)
2.7" LCD
SD (max 8Gb SDHC)
64Mb internal RAM.

Again, hope it's of use to those looking for one.


seems good, but i wonder how good the sensor actually is.

M8 - H&R for the price -------- BUT please beware this is cheap rebranded tat --read reviews

heard the quality on these is appalling.

I got one of these from a tip posted a while ago.

It went back.

Whilst it is HD, try and move/zoom/operate in poor light and you get a jumpy, extremely poor picture.

Hot for the price... but only if you can get use out of its operating restrictions!

No thanks, not good enough, and Makro is a business that sells to business customers, not us standard shoppers. Need to have membership and a card to visit. cold from me
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