Toshiba HD-EP30 with 7 HD-DVDs £99.99 at

Toshiba HD-EP30 with 7 HD-DVDs £99.99 at

Found 6th Mar 2008
Toshiba HD-EP30 with 7 HD-DVDs. The Bourne Supremacy and 300 come with it in the box + you get Knocked Up (The film, not you!), Van Helsing, Pitch Black, the Chronicles of Riddick and The Thing. Some of the films are showing out of stock but it says they will be dispatched as soon as they arrive.
You can get Quidco also so not a bad price (yes I know the format is dead).


bargin now, but give it 3 months and they will be giving these away

Bought one before Christmas:cry:
Upscaling is great. Depends whether you want these particular HD- DVDs or the cheaper Amazon price.…8-1

Nice find - hopefully Amazon will reduce their price (lower than £78).....they have done the last couple of occasions Play reduced their prices.

Thanks for the post - heated and repped - but be prepared for lots of cold votes from the BR fans.

currently £79.99

Sorry, didnt read it correctly.


Did anybody ever buy one of these hd dvd players when they first came out for around £500 come own up.

i considered a blu-ray at £800, over a year ago, then a bought a car!

Very tempted but gonna hold off a wee while just in case
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