Toshiba L300 Core 2 Duo 2GHz Laptop - 2GB RAM - 250GB HDD £379.99 @ dabs
Toshiba L300 Core 2 Duo 2GHz Laptop - 2GB RAM - 250GB HDD £379.99 @ dabs

Toshiba L300 Core 2 Duo 2GHz Laptop - 2GB RAM - 250GB HDD £379.99 @ dabs

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I was going to post this from another merchant, but Dabs have it slightly cheaper here.

£379.99 after cash back direct from Toshiba. They come with a voucher in the box for claiming, you just have to make the purchase before Jan 31st.


2GB RAM (single chip, takes up to 8GB Max)
15.4" TFT
250GB Hard Drive
Vista Business/XP Downgrade/7 Upgrade

There are a couple of negatives to this thing as far as I can see: sub-3-hour battery life, 1280x800 screen, doesn't have 802.11n wireless.

For the money though this is excellent. Toshibas are great laptops - not as pretty as Sony, Asus, Apple - but very solid machines.

2% Cashback with Quidco.


Could do with more specific specs i.e. processor model, ram speed, hard disk...

It's an alright price for a toshiba, good laptops. I would rather have something cheaper or faster from Acer though, or grab a second hand thinkpad for REAL durabiity.

I still have the thinkpad I bought (second hand!) for uni about 10 years ago, a 233mhz mmx pentium with 64meg ram and a 2gb hard drive. It's been dropped, trodden on, kicked about, had the power lead yanked out by a careless snagged foot countless times, and it's still working absolutely fine now. It's a bit tired maybe, but there's not one single thing on it you could genuinely call "broken". Even the original power supply works too. Every laptop I've had since (about a dozen) has had some sort of failure, normally lots more

Oh and people who critcise Acers, have a look at the more recent models, they are a lot more solid. Their R&D QA sucks and they've let some right stinkers through design and into production, but they have got a lot better over time, and their value for money is undeniable. With what you save you can afford an extended warranty anyway :P

Seems like an pretty ordinary spec. for the price.

We used to have Toshibas at the college I work at. Their quality started to slip some what especially the L models. I would handle one and see if the base feels flimsy before I bought one. They keyboards are weak spots on these but cheap to replace. Other parts are also easy to get hold of

For a T5870 I guess this isn't a bad price though especially if this is near the top of your budget. Your normally looking at T3400 or T4300 at this price. Ram is average though 3-4GB seems to be standard now

L series isnt good IMO.

A series is nice and the U series
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