TOSHIBA LCD Television 16/9 42"(107 cm) "HD ready" REGZA 42WL66Z

TOSHIBA LCD Television 16/9 42"(107 cm) "HD ready" REGZA 42WL66Z

Found 9th Oct 2006
Hiya folks, new to this place but looks very interesting indeed
I found this LCD tv last week you might be interested in, not sure if it has been posted before as i did do a search for the model number but found nothing.

With 2 digital HDMI outputs you'll really be able to appreciate top quality viewing on this LCD 42" 42WL66Z screen.
Modern design the 42WL66Z offers you the most advanced digital technology of the moment, with a diverse range of features which can be altered as desired and teletext with an easy to access menu.
The 42WL66Z combines 2 HDMI inputs a PC input, enabling you to use your TV screen as a monitor in under 8ms.
The LCD Television 42WL66Z is a High Definition portal that will drastically improve your viewing experience.

Screen Format 16/9
Screen size 42" (107 cm)
Luminosity (in cd/m²) 450
Contrast 500:1
Response time (in ms) 8
Resolution (horizontal x vertical - in pixels) 1366 x 768
Angle of vision (horizontal/vertical - in°) -
Audio Audio Power 2 x 25 Watt RMS

Noise reduction -
Mono/Stereo Sound Nicam Stereo
Speakers 2
Connectivity Connectivity Input RGB
Input PC
Head set Input
Audio input (Cinch)
2 HDMI inputs
Audio input (Cinch)
Video output (Cinch)
Input video componant YUV

SCART connectors 2
DVI Input No
HDMI Input 2
PC Input Yes
Audio outlet Headphone socket
Tuner Standard Tuner multi - standard
Double Tuner -
Functions TV text Top Teletext (1300 pages)
Other functions CDE
Noise reduction (DNR)
Digital Comb Filter
Image size control
Keyboard lock control
Image presetting
General Remote control Yes
Accessories supplied Remote control
Manual Information soon available
Dimensions (mm) 1044 x 725 x 123
Weight (kg) 27,5
Downloadable manual (1 download available in a language of your choice after purchase ):


Thanks for your first deal post whirlers! Well done :-D

Welcome to the forums!

Thanks, thats a good price and welcome to hotdeals your gonna wish you never found this place ;-)


....your gonna wish you never found this place ;-)

Is that how people feel!!!???!!! :giggle:

Original Poster

I already purchased 2 play & charge adapters for the 360 via this site, and signed up for Quidco although not sure how to use it yet, i'm guessing you just do the deal via the Quidco website and they track your purchase and credit the refund to your account ??

Anyway looks like a very good site, keeping a eager eye on the Wiii forums

Please be warned that this TV is _NOT_ the same as the 42WLT66/42WL66 sold in this country. This is a grey import of the inferior european model (UK model has a 1920x1200 panel, this has 1366 x 768). Its also not a very good price either as I've seen it for as cheap at £800 in recent weeks.

I'd personally never buy anything this expensive from PixMania either...

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£800 for a 42" LCD TV ??
I'ld like to see that as i'm searching for a new telly and thought this was a great deal.....where is the deal you mentioned ?

Also i have purchased off Pixmania before loads of time max i have spent is £500 on a new digital camcorder but i've never had any problems with them.
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