Toshiba MK7559GSXP 750GB 2.5 Inch 5400rpm  Internal HDD (Standard Height:9.5mm) @Amazon

Toshiba MK7559GSXP 750GB 2.5 Inch 5400rpm Internal HDD (Standard Height:9.5mm) @Amazon

Found 18th Feb 2011
Toshiba MK7559GSXP 750GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATA-II 5400rpm 8MB Cache - 2 Platters. Standard Height: 9.5mm

Welcome the world's most capacious 9.5mm-tall hard drive, the Toshiba 750GB MK7559GSXP.

This Toshiba two-platter 5,400RPM drive, the first ever to rise above 640GB without expanding to the chunkier 12.5mm height profile.Plus, it is designed with power efficiency in mind so it’s very much suited for Energy Star and battery-conscious products. All this and Advanced Sector Format technology means you are assured of enhanced data integrity while making use of the large storage capacity.

The MK7559GSXP Toshiba supports the demand for high capacity extremely compact mobile storage. The 2.5" HDD is capable of delivering 750GB of storage capacity in a two-platter design. And with a profile of only 9.5mm it is ideal for integration into premium notebooks, high-end PCs and portable external hard disk drives.

The 2.5-inch HDD’s operation speed of 5,400RPM allows a fast internal transfer rate of up to 1,363Mb/s and provides a market-leading areal density of 541.4Gbit/in². This extends its possible uses from high end personal computing and data storage into the set-top box and Personal Video Recorder segments.

The MK7559GSXP features an Advanced Sector Format Technology, which uses 4K byte-per-sector formatting and improved error-correcting code functions to provide maximum error detection and more efficient use of the storage surface area.

Drive Capacity 750GB*
Drive Interface Serial ATA 1.5 and 3 Gb/sec, Revision 2.6 / ATA-8
Number of Platters (disks) 2
Number of Data Heads 4
RoHS Compliant Yes
Transfer Rate to Host 3 Gb/sec

Track-to-track Seek 2ms
Average Seek Time 12ms
Rotational Speed 5,400 RPM
Average Latency 5.55ms
Buffer Size 8MB

Power Requirements
Voltage 5V (+/- 5%)
Spin up (start) Power 4.5 watts
Seek Power 1.85 watts
Read/Write Power 1.5 watts
Low Power Idle 0.55 watts
Standby Power 0.18 watts
Sleep Power 0.15 watts

Physical Size
Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H) 69.85 mm (2.75") x 100.0 mm (3.94") x 9.5 mm (0.37")
Weight 102 g (3.60 oz)

Temp - Operating 5° to 55°C (41° - 131°F)
Temp - Non-Operating -40° to 60°C (-40°F - 140°F)
Vibration - Operating 9.8 m/s² (1.0G) 5 to 500HZ
Vibration - Non-Operating 49 m/s² (5.0G) 15 to 500 Hz
Shock - Operating 3,920 m/s² (400G) 2ms
Shock - Non-Operating 8,820 m/s² (900 G) 1ms

Acoustics (idle) 25 dB
Acoustics (seek) 25 dB

Ebuyer price matched (£66.58)


Should be good for PS3 too, heat added

It's dropped down to £64.00p if anybody is interested - I've purchased one myself today to replace a Western Digital's hard disk, which has failed again.
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