Toshiba Multimedia Centre £29.36 (Pick-Up)

Toshiba Multimedia Centre £29.36 (Pick-Up)

Found 30th Jan 2007
External 5.1 sound card with virtual surround sound and 4 port USB 2.0 hub

External 24-Bit 5.1 soundcard with full range of inputs and outputs
4 Port USB 2.0 hub with Ethernet LAN port for broadband connections
Digital out (SPDIF), headphone, mic in and line in ports
Includes analog signal out for rear, front & centre sub speakers
Supplied with manual, software and IR Remote

I think very good deal as it is a 24bit USB 5.1 soundcard with ethernet port and four USB ports.
- hengtian

I read from some website stated that Toshiba using Creative Soundblaster Live! 24bit engine, which the USB version would cost around £40 for the Creative product!
- hengtian


Good Price! Thanks for this!

got something like this from ebuyer. no network but 8.1 spdif etc…160

havent tried it yet tough as received yesterday

This comes to £41.11 with postage and packaging.

It is also available from Amazon Marketplace at:


I'm not sure how much the shipping is for this but I am sure it would work out cheaper.

Seems a good product but it doesn't have Dolby Digital decoding built in, (only a virtual 5.1 surround), which is a bit of a let down and would be a minimum requirement for me if I were looking for a soundcard for DVD playback. It allows Dolby Digital pass through though so if you had a speaker system with in built decoder then it would work this way.



Thanks for your post hengtian and welcome to the forums

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The one selling in ebuyer is only 16bit but this is 24bit.
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