Toshiba NB100-12A Intel Atom N270 Netbook £211.43 delivered !
Toshiba NB100-12A Intel Atom N270 Netbook £211.43 delivered !

Toshiba NB100-12A Intel Atom N270 Netbook £211.43 delivered !

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173.90 is web only price (Excluding VAT)

Play were selling these @ £300 !

Processor Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor N27
Operating system Windows XP Home Edition
Design Colour Brighter Silver
System memory 1,024MB
Hard disk 120 GB
Display 8.9 "
Display Type Toshiba TruBrite® WSVGA TFT display with LED backlight internal resolution : 1,024 x 600
Expansion 1 x memory slot
Wired communication Fast Ethernet LAN
Battery lithium-ion
Battery Life Up to 3h50min (Mobile Mark 2007)


"Play were selling these @ £300 !"

Yeah, but the going rate seems to be 230 quid up now. Still seems pretty good, and a bit tempting, even though I keep talking myself out of one, as I don't NEED one!

Delivery is 6.95 plus vat, totalling at £237.94 when you add it!
The price there appears to be £199 for some reason!

Be careful not to add it using the normal button, use the super specials one!
Total that way is £226.44

Good price. However, you need to add £7+vat postage on top of stated price.

total is £220 with vat

£189.95 exc. VAT
£218.44 inc. VAT



Hmm... speaks volumes! :-(


Prices on netbooks will continue to drop like a stone as more people … Prices on netbooks will continue to drop like a stone as more people realise how low the spec really is

Really depends what you are getting them for. I have this and a Dell Core 2 Duo 13" Laptop and use them for both the same stuff. No real difference when you use them for surfing the net and downloading pics off the Digtal Camera. Fair enough wouldnt use it for Video Editing, Picture effects or Word Processing.

The issue with the Toshiba though is the small keyboard, hard to type on where the Dell is a dream. Though when one cost £135 (Tesco price error) and the other £750 its hard to find fault really.

would never buy from these jokers,bought an mp3 player took my money never received it,one week later phoned them up and was told item was sold out but they still took my money and had to phone them up numerous times to get my money back,avoid these jokers like the plaque,no avoid like the black death they are that bad,well were to me anyway

Got a long way to go before this even matches the old tesco deal....


Now that was a bargain...

I was one of the lucky ones to get mine for £132. For that price it is a great deal! At the £230 price point I think there are better machines out there.

On the whole it is a very good machine but it does suffer from a few problems:

1) Keyboard is very small and difficult to use.
2) Keyboard can be difficult to read at certain times of the day / night.
3) Trackpad is defective in XP. Bottom cm does not work - haven't found a driver that fixes that issue.
4) Does not remember your LCD brightness setting so comes up full brightness each time. However, you can install a utility which will turn the brightness down as soon as XP has loaded.
5) LCD does tend to distort when you press even lightly on the bezel - almost impossible to open it without doing this as it has a very strong hinge. Hopefully that won't damage the LCD eventually.
6) Battery life is OK at about 3-4 hours but there are netbooks which give you a lot longer.
7) Battery drain is quite large even if you have turned the machine off and disabled USB charge - I tend to unplug the battery when I don't intend to use it for a few days.

For £132 I can certainly put up with these problems but if I'd paid £230 for it I may well have sent it back.

Original Poster

Why on earth would you buy an 8.9" netbook and then grumble about the size of the keyboard?

'Hi I bought an iphone but i am annoyed at the size keyboard on it, it can be a bit fiddly at times'

Crazy people.

I wasn't grumbling, I was merely pointing out some issues to potential buyers so they were aware before purchase. This site is all about providing good deals and information to people - well I thought it was anyway.

For your information, I bought a 8.9" netbook because it was a bargain price and I wanted a netbook. If it wasn't a bargain price then I would have bought a 10" netbook. The keyboard issue about the key characters being difficult to read has nothing to do with the size of the keyboard.

I hadn't voted hot or cold by the way.
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