Toshiba p300d laptop - £349 @ Comet

Toshiba p300d laptop - £349 @ Comet

Found 13th Apr 2009
The Toshiba Satalite P300d avaiable form Comet again but only online - original post has been expired. Great laptop , I bought one last Friday. It has been out of stock all weekend.
Well spotted that it was availabe agian "zermattbusby"

Don't forget Quidco!


Tried to purchase one again online! Guess what - 'None left in your area!!!!!'

Yes, they will take the order and email you a day later to say it's out of stock. I ordered mine when it was on stock only for them to cancel it the following day.

Same here but hey, comet always cut prices when there is limited stock. My order was cancelled too.


spammed as dupe

Original Poster


spammed as dupe

No dupe it was back on check original thread before you spam in future!!!!!I It wasn't even me who spotted it, look at my post! I was trying to be helpful, try it yourself sometine! For anyone who still wants one, I would check the site again tomorrow. It came back today for a while so you never know.

Hey everyone, I ordered the laptop on thursday and got a phone call to come and collect it on tuesday!
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