Toshiba Regza 22AV615DB 22" HD Ready Digital LCD TV £199 or 3 installments of £66 :) £199 @ CDiscount
Toshiba Regza 22AV615DB 22" HD Ready Digital LCD TV £199 or 3 installments of £66 :) £199 @ CDiscount

Toshiba Regza 22AV615DB 22" HD Ready Digital LCD TV £199 or 3 installments of £66 :) £199 @ CDiscount

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£300 in new Argos catalouge
Quite new model so not many reviews about.

Manufacturer's Description

The REGZA AV61 Small Screen series is the ideal digital and HD Ready LCD TV choice for your bedroom, kitchen or lounge. The 22AV615DB is Toshibas second smallest screen and provides an amazingly versatile solution to the digital needs of your home. Despite the compact design, the AV61 Small Screen series is surprisingly feature-rich. The series features Active Vision, our high performance picture processing technology. This technology is constantly evolving to take advantage of technical advancements designed to enhance the colour, detail, movement and contrast of the images you watch. The AV61 series boasts a contemporary black gloss finish, with narrow bezels and new slim speakers. The stylish design hides a wealth of technology, including 3 x HDMI slots, a PC Input connection and powerful audio performance from the integrated stereo speakers

Digital TV
Between now and the end of 2012 the UK will be turning off all old analogue TV transmitters and switching your TV signal to digital. Digital TV offers new ways to enjoy your TV. You will have a greater choice of TV channels as well as access to additional features and services which will enhance your TV-watching experience.
When the digital switch happens in your area, your older analogue TVs will no longer be able to pick up a signal. To keep your normal TV service running, you will need to convert your TVs to digital before your areas switchover date.

Switching your home to digital is easy. All you need to do is purchase digital tuner and connect it to your analogue TV or alternatively, you can replace it with a new digital TV. All Toshiba LCD TVs carry the Digital Tick and come with Freeview built-in, making them the ideal option for preparing your home for the digital switch.

Active Vision
Active Vision is our acclaimed high performance picture processing system. It has been designed to produce high quality, high definition images by enhancing core elements of a television picture:

Detail: Images are now spread over a larger number of smaller pixels compared to a conventional LCD TV.

Colour: Active Vision reproduces colours with more tones than conventional LCD televisions, producing images with reduced banding for a smoother, more realistic colour progression.

Movement: Picture sharpness in fast moving scenes is increased, with a reduction in the jagged edges often seen on lines and fine detail.

Contrast: The monitoring and adjustment of contrast, enhances detail and increases the ability of the television to represent subtle shade changes.

Dynamic Contrast
Dynamic Contrast decreases the TVs backlight brightness in dark scenes and increases brightness in highly-lit scenes. Getting the best picture detail requires the right balance between brightness and contrast, too much or too little of either is a problem.

Toshibas Dynamic Contrast technology automatically adjusts the LCD panel backlight, depending on the level of brightness required by the original signal. Dimming the backlight enables the system to reproduce fine detail and render dark scenes more realistically, with blacks having much greater depth. Increasing backlight brightness for scenes requiring more colour, produces more vibrant images with a greater intensity.

Put simply, HDMI is the new industry standard for the connection of home entertainment equipment.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections between TV, DVD and other digital equipment are gradually replacing older SCART connections and make it possible to deliver high definition pictures and sound to your HD Ready TV.

The REGZA AV61 Series has 3 HDMI connections, making it possible to connect 3 HD sources (satellite -TV, DVD, games consoles etc) to your TV at any one time.

Product Description

Digital text and 8-day electronic programme guide
USB port - plug in your PC or other electronic device
1366 x 768 screen resolution
Sleek, modern design - wall-mountable

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Good deal but dont buy this if you are expecting it to have 3 hdmi sockets as per description as it only has 1.
Also it does not have a USB port.
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