Toshiba Satellite Pro 15.4" Core Duo 1.66 GHz 512MB 40GB notebook - £405 delivered !!
Toshiba Satellite Pro 15.4" Core Duo 1.66 GHz 512MB 40GB notebook - £405 delivered !!

Toshiba Satellite Pro 15.4" Core Duo 1.66 GHz 512MB 40GB notebook - £405 delivered !!

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Toshiba Sat Pro A120 Duo T2300E 512MB 40GB Combo 15.4" XPH is £405 delivered from Savastore.com

Go via Quidco for 4% cashback.

Description : Go on. Put it to the test. Toshiba has. The new Satellite Pro A120 offers new levels of protection and durability all designed to safeguard your investment and your data. Toshiba's unique EasyGuard feature set further enhances the level of protection - from the 100cc spill resistant keyboard to the strengthened display casing.


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Great spec for the price, I'm tempted & don't even need one!

Best to get extra RAM if thinking about Vista but you can get this reasonably cheap from Crucial or somewhere else.

Crucial Link for memory options:
Don't forget Quidco if using Crucial!

237 left at this moment in time, I may have to sleep on it and decide in the middle of the night ;-)

Thanks edi :thumbsup:

Great price!
Been trying to decide on a laptop for a couple of months.
Would love a Tosh, maybe this could be it!

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Thanks darkovo & williegofar

Not bad... I'd rather cough up 40 quid more for : it247.com/Pro…DUK
with a 1.83ghz core duo, free vista, fingerprint bluetooth 80 hdd, dvd rw intsead of ROM, WSXGA instead of WXGA screen, and a built in camera. Plus as a lenovo it'll have the traditional IBM quality.

That lenovo one has got ot be a misprice right? That should cost about £600 with those specs.

It was withdrawn in Sept 06 I think, so it's discontinued. Still might be a misprice, though, because it is *very* cheap! What worries me slightly is that they can't confirm stock, it's ordered at request...

They have their lower spec models for about £550, so i guess that lenovo deal is dead.

However, back to the origiinal post, that Toshiba is a really good price, nice find edi.

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Thanks gd_miester & seancampell for the Lenovo 3000 link :thumbsup:

Lenovo one is available still.. yeah I think it is a misprice. Worth risking an order. Pretty reliable business suppliers.

I know it is off topic but that lenova is here ]http//ww…CPC as well for £447 + £6.99 delivery (in stock). So the price is correct.

Isn't pyramid a sister site to IT247?
Still an outstanding price for a well spec'd laptop.

could be. It is more (depending on IT247 delivery cost) but lists 5 in stock.
Seancampbell it might be worth you listing it as a seperate deal.

Well just bought the Lenova one from pyramid (mainly as I knew the delivery was low price and they had it in stock). Thanks seancampbell rep left.

Thanks for this. I have a brother who is disabled and his last laptop took a lot of abuse and finally packed up last week. I've been looking for a replacement and this laptop (particularly with that easyguard stuff) looks just the job.

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Thanks & welcome to HUKD ninjarobots

Thanks, I've been a fairly longtime lurker

Excellent price.Took the plunge.Many thanks edi

I have a PB MM unit with a 35Gb HDD, this machine is 5 years old and the disk is full of business stuff, XP took a large chunk of that so I am looking more towards a 160Gb+ machine. If I had songs and toys on it, it would have been full along time ago. I would hate to think what Vista will do to a 40Gb HDD.

20GB is recommended for a Vista installation. So using this for surfing and e-mail it would be fine. Anymore then as Crazy says you would be struggling.

Oh no, I had my heart set on a Tosh P100-347 with a 200Gb HDD, just spoken to Tosh sales line and told it is discontinued and replaced by the P100-327, a higher spec machine, so at £1200 and discontinued PCW should be giving a better price, maybe able to beat them down to £1000 with a 200Gb HDD, just a thought for serious buyer's.
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