Toshiba U840W-107 "cinematic" 14.4" ultrawide screen Intel core i5 3317U Ultrabook £479.99 @ ebay Laptop Outlet Ltd

Toshiba U840W-107 "cinematic" 14.4" ultrawide screen Intel core i5 3317U Ultrabook £479.99 @ ebay Laptop Outlet Ltd

£479.99eBay Deals
Found 11th Jul 2013
World's first cinematic 21:9 display, ideal for watching movies in their original format

·         Uncompromised connectivity with HDMI out, 3 x USB USB 3.0 and an Ethernet port

·         All day battery life of up to 8 hours, perfect for when you are out and watching films

·         Premium design with a silver aluminium finish with textured highlights for additional grip. Also features a backlit tiled keyboard

·         Outstanding sound with integrated Harman Kardon stereo speakers and SRS Premium Sound 3D


The Toshiba Satellite U840W -- the World’s First Cinematic Ultrabook
The world’s first laptop to feature a cinematic 21:9 screen ratio, the Satellite U840W’s lightweight chassis, all-day battery life, exceptional audio and wireless streaming capabilities combine to make a stylish laptop that delivers the ultimate cinema experience on the move.
Ultrawide Ultrabook
The 21:9 display format used in many widescreen films is matched by the Satellite U840W’s stunning 21:9 Cinematic 14.4” display, which allows movies to be seen without any black bars above and below the picture. The only laptop to make full use of the entire screen when playing widescreen 21:9 movies, the Satellite U840W guarantees an unrivalled and immersive experience. The super-wide 1792 x 768 screen resolution ensures high definition video content in any aspect ratio looks sharp and full of detail, and LED backlighting helps to boost contrast and colour saturation.

Do more in multiple windows - the Toshiba Split Screen Utility makes it easy to customise your screen layout.
Real-time 16:9 to 21:9 Conversion
No matter which movie you're watching, you can enjoy it without the black bars at the push of a button. With the Toshiba Video Player for Cinema you can watch any content in the original format, or convert it to a 21:9 screen with a single click. It's that easy.
Toshiba Split Screen
The Satellite U840W’s unique screen also makes it possible to view multiple windows side-by-side without the need to overlap, allowing documents, web pages or images to be on-screen at once. Toshiba’s Split Screen Utility lets users view content in the standard 16:9 screen ratio, leaving space for an additional 5:9 window. Users can also set up to 9 different screen configurations, with different desktop areas in different sizes for multiple windows.

You can choose between 4 predefined screen layouts, or customise your own with up to 9 segments.
Unrivalled Sound
Class-leading audio is powered by 2 premium Harman Kardon speakers, which combine with SRS Premium Sound 3D software to ensure the laptop’s audio performance goes hand-in-hand with the striking cinematic display. As a result, all audio is crisp and dynamic – providing a leading audio visual experience during movies and music playback.
Harman Kardon Speakers
The Satellite U840W is equipped with two integrated premium branded Harman Kardon speakers, reproducing your music in rich, high quality stereo. The sound is delivered across the speakers, creating a life-like audio experience. The premium quality allows you to enjoy your music and movies in parallel with high definition picture quality, ensuring an enjoyable entertainment experience.
High Quality Audio with SRS Premium Sound 3D
SRS Premium Sound 3D delivers the most complete audio entertainment experience possible for all PC applications related to music, movies and games. SRS Premium Sound 3D utilises advanced patented techniques to retrieve audio cues buried in the original source material, and adds near and far depth to the sound field to maximise the 3D surround effect. It delivers immersive surround complete with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialogue.

SRS Premium Sound 3D helps you to get the best sound experience possible from your music, movies and games.
Additionally, Premium Sound 3D ensures users a premium and natural entertainment experience whether you are using the laptop speakers or headphones.
Features include:
SRS Premium Sound 3D features an intuitive user-friendly interface which offers users the ability to personalise their listening experience using multiple presets for music, movies and games.
Premium audio experience for music, video, and games
Immersive surround sound from two speakers or headphones
Custom-tuned solutions to provide superior natural sound from notebook / desktop speakers and headphones
Consistent volume level between content sources and files
Maximum volume for notebook speakers
Crystal clear dialogue and deep, rich bass
Intuitive user interface with presets for ease of use

The U840W can charge your mobile devices via USB or play music even with the laptop switched off.
With the U840W packing seriously impressive speakers, it seems a shame to let them go to waste while your machine's in sleep mode or even switched off. With our new Sleep-and-Music technology you don't have to. You can take advantage of the Harman Kardon speakers even when your ultrabook is powered off.
Sleep-and-Music effectively turns your Toshiba ultrabook into a set of separate speakers. Hook up your MP3 player into the microphone jack and you'll be able to make use of the more powerful speakers inside. Sat out on the patio or away in a hotel, you'll have a sound system on hand for when headphones just don't do the songs justice.
It's also a perfect feature for parties. With Sleep-and-Music, you can switch between music collections in an instant. Everyone can take their turn as DJ by hooking up their MP3 player, and when it's your turn to play tunes you can fire up your PC and tap into its own MP3 library in a jiffy.
Sleep-and-Music is smart thinking in practice - it means you've always got speakers to hand to really crank up the volume. It brings a whole new dimension to the multimedia laptop - a music machine that's never off duty!

Premium Harman Kardon speakers help give you rich, high-quality stereo sound.
Striking Design
The U840W weighs just 1.57 kg and measures just 20.8 mm thin. Constructed with a premium brushed metal finish that is both striking and robust, the Satellite U840W also features elegant dark grey and black highlights accented with a woven pattern that adds additional grip. A large, gesture control touchpad lets users intuitively swipe, pinch, zoom and scroll through documents, while integrated buttons maintain its clean, minimalist appearance. The matte-black tiled keyboard completes the look, aided by a backlight that illuminates each key for typing in low light conditions.
Portable Performance
Powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors for Ultrabook and Intel HD 4000 graphics, the Satellite U840W lets users enjoy HD video content and run multiple programs at once. Intel Rapid Start Technology provides a speedy boot-up time in less than 14 seconds, cutting out waiting time when turning on the Satellite U840W. The U840W offers up to 8 hours battery life, for all day use without having to recharge the battery.

A stylish backlit tiled keyboard makes typing easy, even in low-light conditions.
Intel Core Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Processor
The Toshiba Satellite U840W comes equipped with the power of the Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge ULV processor for Ultrabooks. Designed to give you the ultimate in efficient multitasking performance, the Intel Core processors enable you to work faster and have more fun, with less waiting. As well as faster performance, this processor enables better playback of high-definition content over the Internet, and allows you to enjoy the full Windows 7 Aero experience on your notebook, all while consuming less power.
Intel Rapid Start Technology
Intel Rapid Start Technology gets your device up and running faster from even the deepest sleep, saving time and battery life. Without turning your ultrabook off, you can enjoy up to 30 days of battery life in standby - up to six times longer than standard. With rapid start technology, you can place your ultrabook into standby for the weekend, and start up on Monday with 90% of the battery life you had when you closed the lid.
Not only does it make putting your ultrabook into standby more efficient, it also make it faster to resume from hibernation, up to 5 seconds in total. When you compare this to a standard Windows 7 resume time of 18 seconds, you can see just how much time you could save, and how much more quickly you'll be able to get access to the Internet, data and applications.

Extremely thin and light, the U840W features dark grey and black highlights accented with a woven pattern that adds additional grip.
SSD Drive and Intel Response Technology
Each Satellite U840W is fitted with an integrated 32 GB solid state drive (SSD), a fast and robust storage solution that also helps to further improve overall performance, boot-up and shut-down times. An additional 500 GB hard disk drive (HDD) also provides ample storage space for large video files, photo libraries, music collections and more.
By utilising Intel Response Technology, the Satellite U840W gives you near SSD-level performance from your HDD as well. With its smart caching logic, it ensures that regularly used applications and data are stored on the solid state drive, while providing you the large capacity hard drive to store your data, such as music, movies, and work files.
This means boot-up and shut-down times are shorter, your favourite applications load quicker, writing to disc is faster, and you don't have to deal with multiple storage volumes - both the SSD and the HDD are only ever shown as one drive, making storing your files so much simpler.
Wireless Display
Intel Wireless Display provides the Satellite U840W with a simple wireless streaming solution, enabling users to playback media from the laptop on any compatible TV – freeing digital photo albums, videos and music, and allowing them to be enjoyed on multiple devices around the home.

The Toshiba Satellite U840W is constructed with a striking and robust brushed metal finish.
Long Lasting Power
The Toshiba Satellite U840W offers up to 8 hours battery life, for all day use without having to recharge the battery. The latest battery technology also means that the U840W battery has a longer life span and will last for more re-charges than a standard battery. This will give you a longer lasting battery over time, so you will still experience good battery life run times throughout the life of the laptop. A new eco mode utility also enables you to extend the life span of the battery by a further 30%-40%. Battery life is further enhanced by the use of energy efficient components and a higher capacity integrated battery.
Impressive Connectivity
The impressive U840W series proves that size does not necessarily mean compromising on connectivity. This portable machines feature a versatile set of connectivity options. Swap pictures and files or expand your storage capabilities using the SD card slot and 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, so you can benefit from faster transfer speeds. HDMI connectivity enables high definition connectivity from your laptop to AV equipment including your HD TV. Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest Bluetooth standard with fast 24 Mbit/sec transfer rate making it faster and easier to send large files via Bluetooth.

See some of the features of the Toshiba Satellite U840W ultrabook.
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for Fast Connections
Experience the transfer rates of the future with USB 3.0. By connecting to a compatible USB 3.0 device, such as an external drive, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 can offer up to 10 times faster transfer rates than today's Hi-Speed USB 2.0 standard. This means that files and folders that took hours to transfer now just take minutes, and you can move whole albums to and from your laptop in just a few seconds, saving you time and making your media much more portable. Just imagine - now you can move a feature-length movie to a portable drive in just a few minutes, ready to take to a friend's house and watch on the big screen.
Sleep N Charge USB
There's no need to carry around multiple charging accessories when you have your U840. With the Sleep N Charge USB port you can charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and other digital gadgets even while your laptop is switched off. Now you can charge your gadgets overnight and wake up to a fully-charged battery.
Wireless Sharing is Easy with Bluetooth 4.0
This laptop includes Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to connect and share files wirelessly over short distances. This makes it ideal for connecting to compatible mobile devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, and more. You can also use Bluetooth to connect to wireless peripherals, such as headsets, speakers, mice and keyboard, making it easier to use your laptop on the move or at home without the clutter of connecting wires.
HDMI for HD Entertainment
The Toshiba Satellite U840W has an integrated HDMI port for added convenience and enhanced usability. Now you can connect your laptop to an external device and stream high definition content. When using HDMI, audio and visual content are streamed through a single cable, removing the need for multiple connections. Now you only need one cable, making connecting your laptop easier and tidier.
Product Specification
LaptopCondition Status Brand NEW
Type Ultrabook
Brand Toshiba
Product Line Satellite
Model U840W-107
Screen Size 14.4"
Memory 6 GB
Processor Type Intel Core i5
Processor Speed 2.60 GHz
Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB
Operating System Windows 7
Operating System Edition Home Premium
Graphics Processing Type Integrated/On-Board Graphics
Solid State Capacity 32GB SSD
Webcam Integrated 1.3MP HD Web Camera (1,280 x 800) With Microphone
Wireless Lan Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Network Card Fast Ethernet LAN
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 + LE
HDMI 1 × HDMI-out supporting 1080p signal format
USB Ports 3 × USB 3.0
Card Reader Multi-Card Reader
Kensington Lock Lock Slot
Battery Lithium-ion polymer up to 7h45min
Speakers Built-in Harman Kardon® stereo speakers, enhanced by SRS Premium Sound 3D™
Weight 1.68 kg
Special Features 32 GB Solid State Drive, Wide Display, Light Weight 1.68Kg, Harman Kardon® stereo speakers, 14.4-inch Cinematic Ultrabook, Toshiba Split Screen Utility, Comes with MS Office 2010 Word & Excel 2010 Starter Free for Life.
Warranty 1 Year C&R Direct with Toshiba
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The above deal, from Currys with free cinema tickets says its Windows 8, so actually, its not such a good deal, even with the cinema tickets!
I hate the aspect ratio on this machine

The above deal, from Currys with free cinema tickets says its Windows 8, … The above deal, from Currys with free cinema tickets says its Windows 8, so actually, its not such a good deal, even with the cinema tickets!

Aah, I see. So the latest, more expensive W8 makes it less of a bargain.

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