TOSHIBA WLM-30U2 USB WiFi Adapter - 97p @ Currys (free C&C)

TOSHIBA WLM-30U2 USB WiFi Adapter - 97p @ Currys (free C&C)

Found 27th Oct 2016
Excellent bargain if stock available near your store. Today I collected last available piece from Edinburgh Craigleith store.


Saved me a trip to Edinburgh

Was £50 quid ?. Wow ..

out of stock within 100 miles of Newcastle up opon Tyne

Stock in Plymouth

HOT if u can find some otherwise good find

i suspect there's probably only one or two of these available or that this is just a glitch .. none available anywhere near me or anywhere in london at all

Stock in Lancaster


Stock in Lancaster

Yes...but we have the HS2

stock in york

Stock in the Falklands

Currys PC World featuring Carphone Warehouse Trowbridge

In stock
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I bought a few about a month or so ago at this price.
Worth it just for the stand alone.
They are meant for Toshiba TV's but confirmed as working with Windows 10 without any additional drivers.

No stock within a 99 miles radius of my location

No stock in Leicester.


No stock in Leicester.

Yeah, their stock has plummeted this season.

Reviews suggest its not that good but fpr 97p how can you complain

Just found stock in Plymouth 98 miles away from me.
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