Total Annihilation - £7.99 @ impulsedriven.com
Total Annihilation - £7.99 @ impulsedriven.com

Total Annihilation - £7.99 @ impulsedriven.com

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In Total Annihilation, you are a commander who can build an entire complex war. You can manipulate matter at an atomic level--but so can your enemy. Find a way to conquer the enemy and end the threat to universal existence. Battle with realistic firing cannons and nukes on diverse terrain, including canyons and molten riverbeds. Total Annihilation challenges you to set a new standard for combat strategy.

Prepare yourself for the next generation of real-time strategy gaming. What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines has escalated into a war. The battle grinds on the ground, lofts through the stratosphere, and even takes to water. Dozens of naval units -- submarines, battleships and destroyers -- give Total Annihilation a whole new edge.

* Includes the Core Contingency Expansion
* 50 single player missions
* Over 150 run-time generated 3D units including a full complement of land, air and sea units
*Unique tracking feature allows you to follow units into battle
* Fully customizable line-of-sight modes and user interface

System Requirements
* Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
* 1GHz Processor
* 512 MB Available System Memory
* 1 GB Available Hard Drive Space
* SoundBlaster Compatible Sound Card


Wait, wait - the original Total Annihilation? From 1997? This isn't worth £7.99 in any way, shape or form.

You can even get it direct for £4.99: cavedog.com/gam…ion

Sorry, but this is freezing.

Is this a new version of this game? Because otherwise £7.99 is a terrible price for something so old. Great game though it was.

From the screenshots it looks like the original...

Original Poster

You can play this online on the Impulse's gaming service.

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So more like a re-release.

Have some warmth.

This game may be old, but it still ranks as one of the finest RTS games of all time.

It might not be bling, but's it's great game.

I remember playing this game, great fun !

I've just had a look and I still seem to have it in my drawer!

Great game! I think I had some add-on Transformer units back in the day. Price seems a bit steep though!

used to love this... the nukes were brilliant and battles massive... still got the cds luckily :-)

Surely this should be abandonware by now...

A lot of money for a game that is extremely old and, as good as it is, has been surpassed by better games that you can get for cheaper than this. Loved this game, but at this price, no thanks.

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