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Posted 19 September 2022

Total Recall UHD £1.99 to rent or £3.99 to buy @ Amazon Prime Video

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Get ready for a surprise, with a mind-blowing 4K restoration of the much loved sci-fi action classic, Total Recall, directed by Paul Verhoeven. Recall the best bits of this groundbreaking film with brand new extras that go behind the scenes

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this 1980s sci-fi action thriller directed by Paul Verhoeven. Doug Quaid (Schwarzenegger), a happily married construction worker living in the year 2084, is haunted by a recurrent dream in which he is living with a woman on Mars. Rekall Incorporated offer him the chance to live out his dream by implanting the memory of a trip to Mars into his brain. But something goes wrong during the installation of Quaid's memory and soon he lands up on the planet for real, unsure of his true identity and pursued by a gang out for his blood. He teams up with a group of resistance fighters to uncover a mystery which leads to the highest echelons of the planet's government.
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    Get your ass to mars
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    See you at the party Richter!
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    You make me wish I had three hands!!
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    "Consider that a divorce."
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    Love the film, even though Sharon Stone being with Michael Ironside is pushing it too far. And Richter allowing his wife to go undercover to act as the wife of Arnold Freaking Schwarzenegger is even more ridiculous. But then you think about how Hollywood works and the scandals that have hit Hollywood since and it's not even that far-fetched anymore.

    I know Sharon Stone is most known for Basic Instinct, but this was her best role IMO.
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    We can remember it for you wholesale.
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    Nice find mate
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    2 weeks to watch this rental.
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    how does 4k amazon video compare to 4k bluray? it's certainly a lot cheaper than 4k bluray.
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    Thought I was being clever going there to see if the HD version was cheaper, but of course not lol. Eraser is also 3.99 for the HD version (not UHD).