Total War Collection: Includes Shogun 2 For PC - £39.99 @ Steam

Total War Collection: Includes Shogun 2 For PC - £39.99 @ Steam

Found 11th Mar 2011
Bargain for £40. Napoleon Imperial Edition alone is still £20 at Amazon.

Total War Collection includes:

- Shogun 2: Total War (RRP £29.99) + exclusive in-game Shogun themed items for Team Fortress 2!
- Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition (RRP £19.99)
- Empire: Total War (RRP £19.99 - currently £5.00)
- Medieval II: Total War (RRP £9.99)
- Rome: Total War Gold (RRP £4.99)

Individual price: £69.96
Package price: £84.95
March to War Deal: -£44.96
Cost to you: £39.99
You Save: £29.97

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Insanely good deal.

lol good deal but do you really need that many total war games???

Heat added for Empire Total War alone...£5, can't go wrong with that!

Original Poster

Napoleon Total War Imperial Edition is still £17-20 at most places. And it's a truly great Total War game so is worth playing for anyone who hasn't.

Heat added, disappointing it doesn't include Kingdoms or all the DLC for Empires or Rome.

rome gold is free with other sites with shogun 2 for £10 cheaper, as for medival 2, thats £5 or less most places, and no DLC packs included for empire or napoleon (which i got for £6 with all dlcs in a double pack other week) = poor offer really.

Cold. Constituent parts can be purchased seperately for less.

Ditto - Poor offer given that Total War + Napoleon + most DLC was available for 6 pounds the other week.
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