Total War Eras Collection - WEB EXCLUSIVE OFFER!! (PC) @ GAME £15 delivered

Total War Eras Collection - WEB EXCLUSIVE OFFER!! (PC) @ GAME £15 delivered

Found 12th Jul 2008
+11% Quidco. Apologies if already listed, did have a look but couldn't see it.
Never played this series before but am a fan of Civ & Kessen III so will give it a try as it's had good reviews. Set seems to have all the expansion packs even if it's a bit old.

Total War Eras is the ultimate collectors item for any Total War fan. One of the most successful PC RTS franchises ever, the three main Total War titles have each been critically acclaimed and extremely successful in their own right. With the addition of the expansion packs, Total War has become the leader in the PC RTS field, becoming the leader in key features such as scale, historical accuracy and depth of challenge.


* Shogun Total War
* Shogun Total War: The Mongol Invasion
* Medieval Total War
* Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion
* Rome Total War
* Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion
* Exclusive Rome Total War: Alexander expansion pack
* Total War Documentary on DVD
* Total War CD Soundtrack
* Artwork book
* 4 x Art cards
* A2 poster
* Manual


I'm not a fan but it has some good reviews.

Original Poster

Original Poster

seems to have some good reviews on ]Amazon (for the Rome expansion at least)
other reviews ]here, ]here, and a good one ]here

I ordered the £5 wii game that was on here and had to add something in order to use the £10 off (TNTYYXM) voucher when they reneged on the PSP explore for £30.

Exactly what happened when I got it realblender. Still a very good price if you want them all though.

I notice that Mediaeval Total War II isn't in the list of games. A reviewer on Game website says the poster shows MTW II as "coming winter 2006", and that seems to be what is at the centre of the picture above - so don't expect to get that game.

Still a good price for anyone who hasn't already got the Rome series.

Sorry, I should have mentioned, that's right. Medieval 2 isn't in this set. Still a good deal though.


seems to have some good reviews on ]Amazon (for the Rome expansion at … seems to have some good reviews on ]Amazon (for the Rome expansion at least)

Rome TW is a seperate game, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander are the expansions for RTW.

The original medieval is the best of the set strategy map wise, they downsized and added annoying animation for rome and medieval 2, although you do get improvements in the real time battles.

This is a classic series though, if you haven't played it yet then this looks like a good version to get.

my nephew just told me to buy hot vote and thanks...just bought two (one for me one for him, his birthday soon)

Very good games - and Shogun and Medieval will run on some older computers too.

As has been said, Medieval I is the best for gameplay, although the graphics get prettier in Rome and later games.

I still even play Shogun occasionally.

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