Total War: Warhammer PC £24.99 (or £23.74 with Facebook code) @

Total War: Warhammer PC £24.99 (or £23.74 with Facebook code) @

Found 8th Dec 2016
Been waiting for this to drop sub £25 - head over to their Facebook page to get an up to date code to get the extra 5% off
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Hot, was waiting for this to drop but I have so many games to play right now I should probably just hold off until the inevitable GOTY edition with all the dlc. By the time I get around to playing it it'll be out anyway.
just so you all know a patch dropped just recently that is making the game unplayable for a lot of people, for me it's not even launching and for others its crashing constantly. just thought i'd share in case people wanted to DL and play immediately they may be disappointed...
great price. currently downloading the elves dlc and can't wait to play it. heat added
I have played 90 hours and have only tried one race. Such an great game.
It's worth pointing out that the DLC model for this game is controversial. Be aware that the base game contains 4 races, while extras are currently up to £13.99 on Steam. There's £47.94 worth of DLC so far with more to come. Plenty of value for £24, and many will find the DLC worthwhile, but it's best to bear in mind their DLC strategy before you take the plunge.
An amazing game cut short by greedy developers. Don't get me wrong it's a steal at this price and anyone that's on the fence should get it, but unlike the other Total War games after you've completed it once with each race (which without DLC is only 4) there isn't really that much that makes you want to play again.
Are mods allowed for this? Been waiting it to drop in price as I haven't had the time to be able to game atm.
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