Totally Spies! 3: Secret Agent  [Nintendo DS] from The Hut - £12.93 (+5% Quidco)

Totally Spies! 3: Secret Agent [Nintendo DS] from The Hut - £12.93 (+5% Quidco)

Found 16th May 2008
The Hut are selling "Totally Spies! 3: Secret Agent" for the Nintendo DS for £12.93 (inc Del).

You can get cashback from the usual sites (e.g. 5% Quidco, making it £12.28)

The next best price seems to be £17.99 from Gameplay.

NOTE: Further savings may be possible today (16th) using the attached voucher.


Based on the worldwide famous TV Show, Totally Spies Secrets Agents is a fast-paced action / platform game featuring the 3 charismatic heroines; our special agents will have to use their special abilities to succeed in their missions and attend the party of their dream: the Prom Night!!

Key Features
The game is structured around 5 new missions and a subplot based on the Spies' daily life:
Mission 1: secret agencies are attacked all around the world; the spies have to discover who is responsible to prevent the WOOHP (Jerry and Spies' agency) from being destroyed

Mission 2: a love elixir drives high-school students crazy; the spies have to act quickly to bring peace and harmony back between lovers

Mission 3: a former WOOHP secret spy cloned the best agents to create her own army for her new brand secret agency; Alex, Clover and Sam have to stop her before they get cloned

Mission 4: a MMORPG changes Guild members into diabolic creatures; girls have to find the Guild leader and stop him from hypnotising innocent gamers

Mission 5: Jerry is missing; spies have to investigate in a sub-marine military camp to find his trace and save him

Each mission has 3 parts:
Brief - Jerry explains the objective of the mission allocates the gadgets and presents the disguises
Investigation and Infiltration - The Spies then begin their mission in order to find the clues and solve the mystery. They can disguise themselves to avoid being caught
Action and Platform - The platform games are classic and simple with some puzzles requiring more gimmicks than pure reflection. The Spies must use their gadgets to progress. Each gadget is allocated to one Spy only, so the player has to switch between spies in order to progress.

The objective is to find 3 clues to solve the enigma.
These clues are located inside the levels. The Spies must catch them in order to identify the Boss of the level.

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