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Refurbished TomTom start GPS UK maps £33.32 @ totalpda
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Posted 25th Jun 2013Posted 25th Jun 2013
Refurbished TomTom start GPS UK maps £33.32 @ totalpda£33.32
I have seen an offer for TomTom which looks interesting. hope it is useful for some of you. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Its sad, but true! you would be better off buying a new unit and throwing your perfectly workable old unit in the bin... the price for map updates is steep....


By using the update maps function in Home. Maps are around £45 for UK and £80 for EU. Probably better to buy a new unit if you have an old map.


I got an old tom tom one lying around somewhere, where can I get newer maps from? and how much do they cost


£44.97 including VAT & Delivery isn't great for a refurb of uk when Argos were doing them for £59.99 for the euro version: I'd pay £15 extra for a newer version with the euro maps. And if you get a new one you can upgrade to the latest maps within about 90 days I think. Personally I went for the larger version with lifetime maps: And it's been great so far.


Easy now! It's his first deal posted.

Mio Navman Spirit 480 4.3" GPS with UK & IRE mapping (Refurb) £39.04 @ totalpda
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Posted 14th May 2013Posted 14th May 2013
Mio Navman Spirit 480 4.3" GPS with UK & IRE mapping (Refurb) £39.04 @ totalpda£39.04
Reduced from £59.99 to £29.99 (ex-VAT). Seems a decent price for a standalone no-frills SatNav. £29.99 + delivery + VAT = £39.04 Review here:… Read more
Refurbished playbook 16GB no box £76.98 delivered @ totalpda
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Posted 21st Feb 2013Posted 21st Feb 2013
Refurbished playbook 16GB no box £76.98 delivered @ totalpda£76.98
Refurbished playbook 16GB including postage. I myself do think 64 worth a little extra, deal posted earlier, but for people on tight budget Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I thought these ran Android but they seem to run their own o/s.


price & outlet in original post. you can go back to sleep now.

totalpda - Refurbished RIM Blackberry Playbook 16GB WiFi tablet - no box £76.98 delivered
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Posted 15th Jan 2013Posted 15th Jan 2013
totalpda - Refurbished RIM Blackberry Playbook 16GB WiFi tablet - no box £76.98 delivered£76.98
BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 OS Two integrated 1080p HD video cameras ARM Cortex A9 processor 3 month return to base warranty Topcashback 5.05% Quidco 4%

Never mind. Cash Generator has one 64GB for £82.50 delivered. Can't vouch for how much it might smell or if there will be powder traces on it.


Blackberry Playbook orders all cancelled, the hot status against TOTALPDA should be set to freezing!


[image missing]


I did accept the alternative and let me say it is crap do not bother. I am currently in the process of returning it. It is too underpowered to even show video properly - decided to get a refund and get the Nexus 7


Gotab 7 inch tablet £59.99 @ Total PDA
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Posted 4th Dec 2012Posted 4th Dec 2012
Gotab 7 inch tablet £59.99 @ Total PDA£59.99
escription Specification Technical Specifications Battery Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh Battery Type: Lithium Battery Life: 3- 4 Hours (Wifi) + Standby Display Multi-Touch Display:… Read more
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This is better, more RAM and 8GB memory, although still low res screen: Or pay a bit more for dual core.


512mb ram and 2000mah battery plus no play store ? have to vote cold, spec is ghastly and you can get much better in the £70-80 range.

Mio Navman Spirit 470 £59.99 @ Total PDA
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Posted 16th Oct 2012Posted 16th Oct 2012
Mio Navman Spirit 470 £59.99 @ Total PDA£59.99
Total PDA have a manufacturer refurbished Navman Spirit 470 with UK maps and a free carry case. I have used navman for years and don't think this is a bad price. In the box Mio … Read more
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iphone 4s 16gb almost new with warranty £399.98 @ totalpda
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Posted 6th Oct 2012Posted 6th Oct 2012
iphone 4s 16gb almost new with warranty £399.98 @ totalpda£399.98
This came in on an email- no contract with all accessories. Same as buying new from apple but £50 cheaper. Says it comes with a 6 month apple warranty but might be more, i guess … Read more
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Smartfonestore would be a better bet for "nearly new" 4s.


What a silly "deal".


For that price you may as well pay another £129 and get an iphone 5


Give you £100 for it because its an old iphone = iphone 5 is current model.


A better deal and get it unlocked with tmobile

Iphone  3g 8GB *Refurb*- £190 @ TotalPDA
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Posted 6th Mar 2012Posted 6th Mar 2012
Iphone 3g 8GB *Refurb*- £190 @ TotalPDA£190
Total PDA have some refurb deals on Iphones check the link as 16gb ones available as well in white and black.

Just compare the specs to the ASDA HTC Evo deal at £207. I can feel the frostbite eating into my fingers as I type.


I've gt 2 3gs for sale a 32gb and a 16gb


The website is good for a laugh though. They have a refurbed 3GS for £279!


P.s who would think this was such a good deal they had to share it lol beggers belief


You can get a 3gs on ebay for around £170 refurbed, this is freezing.

Totalpda TomTom Go 710 refurb  £83.99 @ Total PDA
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Posted 7th Aug 2011Posted 7th Aug 2011
Totalpda TomTom Go 710 refurb £83.99 @ Total PDA£83.99
Been looking around and found this (my first post here!). Looks a good deal as going for around this price second hand on eBay etc.

VERY OLD Model. - spend a few quid more you wil get a LOT better


A good sat it's time, this is a very old model and it does say at the very end of the Total PDA advert...latest maps 09. If you look round, you can do better than this..personal opinion of course.

Sim Free HTC Desire Z smartphone with free HTC Bluetooth headset - TotalPDA - £260.58 inc p&p
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Posted 23rd May 2011Posted 23rd May 2011
Sim Free HTC Desire Z smartphone with free HTC Bluetooth headset - TotalPDA - £260.58 inc p&p£260.58
HTC Desire Z smartphone with free HTC Bluetooth headset The HTC Desire Z combines a vivid 3.7 inch touchscreen display with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. Running Android 2.2, u… Read more

£260.58 is the price I paid inc delivery


Brilliant phone. Got one for my kid and it seems much faster than his previous desire even though that one had a 1ghz snapdragon compared to the 800mhz one in this. Think i remember reading it's down to the newer chip or something. Tempted to get one for myself. Cheers op


Thats not including vat though


It's £212.99 now? No it's not... VAT. I'm blonde.


Also Quidco

GE E1255W 12.2MP Digital Camera + 2GB Card & Leather Case (was £100+) - £36 Delivered @ Total PDA
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Posted 7th May 2011Posted 7th May 2011
GE E1255W 12.2MP Digital Camera + 2GB Card & Leather Case (was £100+) - £36 Delivered @ Total PDA£35.99
saw this on twitter last night, £88 on argos site says # 12.2 megapixel resolution # 5x optical zoom # Includes face detection & red-eye removal # Bonus leather case & 2GB… Read more
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GE just rebadge cheapo unbranded cameras from no name factories in china. if you ordered a couple of thousand of them they would put your name on them.


Just a weekend runner then!


its an Aston Martin in Peurto banus costa del sol !!


Given up with the DSLR? Nice cary btw.


ideal for bedroom

Iphone 3g 8G Unlocked and Sim free (Refurb) @totalpda £243.99
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Posted 13th Jan 2011Posted 13th Jan 2011
Iphone 3g 8G Unlocked and Sim free (Refurb) @totalpda £243.99£243.99
iphone 3g unlocked. Use code Apple20 to get this price. Also 4% Quidco (Making it £234.24?)

Quite agree. Very nice phone (yes, it's 3 years old, but so what!), but this isn't a good deal at all, voted cold. IOS 4.2.1 is an improvement speed wise over earlier v4 versions.


£243.99 for iphone 3G 8GB - bad pricing. iphone 3GS is going for this rate or cheaper and probably now around £150, used of course...


Not so it seems... Apple end support for 3G iphones and 2nd gen touch as of IOS 4.2.1 The new 4.3 beta firmware is not compatible with 3G or 2nd Gen Idevices as per news leak yesterday. So it £20 off a totally discontinued item. Not bad if they can get £250 for something which will drop in value in less than two weeks when IOS 4.3 firmware hits the streets.


Apple only release new versions every year, and continue to provide support for older models. The likes of HTC, LG, and Samsung are releasing every 6 months, and are not always providing updates for older models. Plus there has been an influx of budget Android handsets.


Testament to how good it is. I personally feel its worth the £150 price tag, just went back to a 3G after trying out a few budget Android phones. Although this deal is freezing.

Tom Tom One XL (Refurbished Unit) £93.99 AT Total PDA
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Posted 26th Oct 2010Posted 26th Oct 2010
Tom Tom One XL (Refurbished Unit) £93.99 AT Total PDA£93.99
Great price on this Tom Tom, cant find it cheaper anywhere else, only bad point is low stock
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Priority shipping – UK mainland (inc. handling & insurance) £9.95 :(


I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and it came with maps ( UK and Europe ) installed on a 1gb SD card which can be upgraded.


does this one have the SD slot or inbuilt memory? edit: Map Storage Medium On Board Memory Card


Dixons sell a load of new and refurb SatNavs on eBay under the "techfurb" seller - an example is this TomTom GO 630 for £109: http://****


true is it refurbed which makes it cheaper, but its refurbed by tom tom themselves, i bought of this site before for my dad, and when it arrived i got a tom tom refurb certicate thing

Motorola Q9h keyboard phone for £70.49 @ TotalPDA
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Posted 19th Jul 2010Posted 19th Jul 2010
Motorola Q9h keyboard phone for £70.49 @ TotalPDA£70.49
Motorola's robust take on a keyboarded business phone. Basic 3G phone with good keyboard and running Windows Mobile Standard 6.1 Originally £350 but this is last lot of new boxed … Read more
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not very good according to everyone in our company who has one. its like a housebrick.


Almost £12 delivery for a mobile!!! Does it come wrapped in a breeze block? Daylight robbery.....


Good phone, has good reviews on CNET but its a 3 year old model.


£82.18 including delivery...still very tempted though, as a backup to the unreliable N97 I currently have on contract for another year...

Mio Navman F45 satnav - UK maps (refurbished) £64.56 Delivered @ Total PDA
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Posted 14th Jul 2010Posted 14th Jul 2010
Mio Navman F45 satnav - UK maps (refurbished) £64.56 Delivered @ Total PDA£64.56
£91.99 brand new at amazon! 9+ in stock Standard 12-month warranty. My first post - hope some find it useful :)

Doh! Better double-checking that before posting next time! Still a not-too-bad deal nonetheless.


Looks like you need to add vat and delivery = £64.56

TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £99.99 Delivered @ Total PDA + quidco
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Posted 12th Feb 2010Posted 12th Feb 2010
TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £99.99 Delivered @ Total PDA + quidco£99.99 TomTom GO 910 - £99.99 inc VAT & P&P + about 4 quid back if you buy through quidco. use code SDFD … Read more
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thats odd,my tomtom also wont work due to not being able to charge...


Thanks for this , just brought this for my trip to Florida as they wanted around £10 a day for renting a sat nav , after reading others comments on how it works in Florida i just brought this , bargain. rep added :thumbsup:


Mines arrived this morning. Looks okay so far and had it on for the past hour and a half. All looks good except for the sticky feet being a bit loose. It managed to bluetooth connect and call with an LG Cookie fine too, which is good as I had heard some cases of the phone reseting itself while making a call. Of note, this unit does not have Latest Map Guarantee, so what it does have, is 2 revisions old and cant be upgraded without paying. Hope you get the issue sorted zbgr200a.


received - worked for ten minutes - froze - now won't even turn on. Have tried both a soft reset and a hard reset. Ringing totalpda this morning. Wonder if I can claim back indemnity through debit card if they won't refund. ***very angry****


Ordered one myself on Sunday morning. Deal is very good considering the Maps included. That is technically £150 worth of new maps to add onto a standard TomTom One or similar. Decided i'd opt for this as my old Medion PNA175 is 5 years out of date map wise with zero support from Medion or Navigon now. Anyone else order this and have they received yet?

Dell Axim X51 PDA Windows Mobile Bluetooth £46.99! At Total PDA
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Posted 17th Jan 2010Posted 17th Jan 2010
Dell Axim X51 PDA Windows Mobile Bluetooth £46.99! At Total PDA£46.99
The Dell Axim X51 delivers performance, connectivity and style for complete productivity on the move. Featuring Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth and dual memory card inputs, the Dell … Read more

I have the x51v, bought in Hong Kong about 5 years ago, fantastic piece of kit, still used by me at work in meetings, very useful. Though this is the not-so-good x51 (the v has a faster processor and wi-fi), at this price it really is a steal, especially if you don't want to fork over a large amount on an all in one smart-phone.


Small amount of memory though. Were fine 5 years ago as already stated. And the V version had wifi which was the real selling point.


I have wifi on mine but it is a X51v. Keith


Got an X51 - had it years - I have wifi built in.


sorry should have said, yes you do, use's the pda bluetooth, cheap enough to buy ebay etc.

TomTom XL v3 IQ Routes (EU Maps) - Plus Free Protective Carry Case! (Refurbished) £109.99  @Total PDA
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Posted 6th Jan 2010Posted 6th Jan 2010
TomTom XL v3 IQ Routes (EU Maps) - Plus Free Protective Carry Case! (Refurbished) £109.99 @Total PDA£109.99
Seems to be a good price, especially with latest maps of UK, Western & Central Europe and free carry case! Apologies if posted already (a quick search by me did not reveal tho… Read more
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Use code FSD2 (from ]here) for free delivery. £129.24 incl VAT OK price but £109.99 previous version from Amazon is new and also has latest maps - only missing IQ which is a fairly limited benefit for most people.


I *think* this is the price ex. VAT. So it's actually £129.24


only to FREEZE even in the summer??? I dont think refurbished at this price is a deal......


Don't forget 4.5% quidco! Every lidl helps!

TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £114.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!
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Posted 23rd Dec 2009Posted 23rd Dec 2009
TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £114.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!£114.99
Latest maps of UK, Europe, USA & Canada*(Q3 09) Bluetooth handsfree calling 20GB HDD plus mp3 player FREE protective carry case 12 month TomTom warranty Enter Code: SDFD for f… Read more

If you are buying this because you want the USA maps, you might consider waiting until you get to the USA and buying one there. Go to the nearest Walmart and you can pick up a new TomTom 330 (which obviously includes the USA and Canada maps) for $119 (£75 approx), and you are away. I'm off to Florida in August and rather than renting one with the car hire, or paying TomTom £65 (how much!) to add USA maps to our 530, I'm going to do this. Note I also already have an old 910 and not only is it a big lump, it has a tendancy to crash quite a lot and won't come back to life unless it's connected to a PC (the reset button does nothing.) and it's already been back to TomTom for repair when the battery wouldn't charge when it was a couple of months old. So I wouldn't buy another one refurbished or otherwise.


I was looking for a Sat Nav with US maps - noticed this thread.. I see the price is now @ £89.99 does anyone know where I can find one simular cheaper than this? Cheers Maverick


Hi I got mine last week. its a very good unit. it only plays mp3 format, no wma, mp4 etc. It is a heavy unit, but has the built in 20gb hard drive. enough to hold loads of maps. Also game in a tomtom box, best refurb item I have had. Also the bluetooth is great with my nokia 5800.


price increased to new vat rate £117.49


This never has a 20 GB HDD for MP3 Playback?!?! Does it??? H+R

TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £137.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!
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Posted 24th Nov 2009Posted 24th Nov 2009
TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £137.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!£137.99
Enter code SDFD and get FREE p&p making it £137.99 delivered!. TomTom GO 910 is perfect for navigating door-to-door in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA - one of many benefit… Read more

thanks for the delivery promotion code well appreciated it saved me £10.00 so i am happy


thanks Izzy, changed post.


I have this sat-nav and it's an excellent buy for the money 20gig hard drive, bluetooth handsfree, worldwide maps (worked fine in America too, got us to all of the disney resorts without a whisper of bother) heat added


Enter SDFD and get FREE p&p taking it back too £137.99. :thumbsup:


would recommed anyone looking at buying a sat nav to take a look at totalpda refurbished ones.