Tottie / Chick Counter (£4.99)

Tottie / Chick Counter (£4.99)

Found 8th Nov 2006…tml…nre


These were £2.49 when I started writing this grrrrr


Yeah i saw them at 2.49 also.:?:-(

What a great idea ! :giggle:

I got one from LYNX for free :pirate:


I got one from LYNX for free :pirate:

I did as well. You were expected to send them an sms but for some reason they sent me an sms with a code to enter on the website without having to even pay sms charge, don't know if they intended to do so.


I got one from LYNX for free :pirate:

me too if anyone wants it for a couple quid

does it do minus numbers ?


1 2 3 4 5 wife..................aaaarrrgghhh!

I might get one to count how many times I sneeze in the space of a year

I got mine just sent to me by Lynx, than I got another free one from them and then I noticed they started doing the £1.50 txt charge thing..

I like companies who give me freebies - and tbh, I think a lot more should follow that approach, I luv some of the stuff Guiness have randomly sent me through the years
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