Tour De France 2007 Freebies

Tour De France 2007 Freebies

Found 6th Jul 2007
Saturday 7th July The Tour De France starts in London

Free to watch.Get there by 1pm for the mad crazy publicity caravan.Loads (and I mean hundreds of thousands of free caps,keyrings,pens,sweets,coffee bags,sausages and general crap).

1st race is a time trial starting at 3pm.Best viewing and facilities will be in Hyde Park.


Did this last year in chateu de queras (i think thats how you spell it!) absaloutely tonnes of free useless crap, the caravans last for well over an hour - and the bikes will pass you in 2 seconds!:?

Don't trip over the cyclists needles!

Last time I looked we hadn't been conquered by france!

I dunno I spend the night on the beach fishing, wake up on sunday lunchtime and suddenly the tour de france starts in London!
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