Tournament of Legends (Wii) (only released yesterday) £12.98 delivered @ Blockbuster
Tournament of Legends  (Wii) (only released yesterday) £12.98 delivered @ Blockbuster

Tournament of Legends (Wii) (only released yesterday) £12.98 delivered @ Blockbuster

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Thought this was a very good price for a brand new release Wii game

Tournament of Legends offers a 3D fighting experience for one or two players, featuring a host of fighters based on legends from world mythology: the Minotaur, a powerful Gladiator, a mighty Valkyrie and other well known and awe-inspiring characters. Take these fighters to epic battles in fantastic fighting arenas where the combatants wield legendary weapons, launch magical attacks and dodge giant mythological creatures that protect their lairs. Master a range of incredible combat moves; including unleashing a man-eating lion, summoning a deadly rain of arrows and throwing a nest of venomous snakes. Tournament of Legends strives to offer even the most sophisticated Wii gamer a rich weapon fighting experience. Players will be able to switch weapons and enchantments with other characters, or compete in various Wii Remote/Nunchuk controller challenges which include dodging giant mythological creatures, or restoring health and armour during fights. The game also features an Interactive Training mode and supports the Classic Controller.

Has mixed reviews: -
From "Tournament of Legends won't immediately appeal to Soulcalibur crowd--the controls won't come naturally, but once you learn the ropes(or lack thereof, given that matches don't take place in a ring)you'll find a challenging, well-balanced game that can be a whole lot of fun with friends" to "Like The Conduit, Tournament of Legends feels like a wasted opportunity: the graphics are pretty good and the controls are ok, but the game itself is a mediocre no-brainer beat'em up, which also lacks an adequate amount of content"


CeX pay £15 cash!

didnt this game use to be A.D Gladiator and wasnt it suppose to be a motion plus title, does it still use motion plus or has that been scrapped
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