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Posted 26 September 2022

Tovess Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 40% ABV £16.80 / Possibly £10.92 with Subscribe and Save(with 20% voucher ) @ Amazon

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4000504_1.jpgApparently Tovess brand whiskies are made by William Grant & Sons,but there is a comment that the Islay tastes like Bowmore:

Further research says this might be Caol Ila and similar to Glen Marnoch Islay whisky from Aldi.

There is a 20% off voucher on first subscription.


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    There are only 7 main distilleries on Islay + 2 new ones. It won't likely be Laphroaig, Ardbeg or Lagavulin - so it's one of the 6 others. Bowmore perfectly possible, though I doubt it unless they over-produced in the past. Your issue would be it's non-aged so is probably going to be quite young, ie 3-6 years old, probably a blend of those years and maybe if you're lucky something older to round it off. It's probably one of the others needing or preferring the cashflow, ie first (not that likely) Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, or second (more likely) newbies Kilchoman or Ardnahoe. Supermarkets have own-label Islay whiskies from some of these 9 distilleries so the distilleries definitely will sell product to the right bidder - but not under their own name and pretty much always younger whisky than they bottle it themselves.
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    Anyone figured out where it's from?
    I've not tried it, but generally as a rule no-name Islay single malts are from Caol Ila. They produce much more whisky than any other distillery on the island and all of it gets sent to the mainland in tankers for maturing. It's predominantly used in blends, but is readily available to independent bottlers, particularly those casks which don't quite make the blenders cut.
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    Nearly pulled the trigger on this untill read reviews.
    Thanks for posting though.
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    Thanks, ordered. Even if it's horrible for £10.92 it will do nicely with mixers.
    £12.60 for me but thought the same - shouldn't be that bad for mixing with coke for the times when you simply don't want to share your best tipple with that particular guest
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    Nasty stuff.
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    Tovess 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (70cl) amzn.eu/d/d…YSC

    12 year old is £14.68 with voucher and s&s if better for anyone
    wd be £16.94 for me - still v good - I also get my own 20% off Amazon which helps! - yes, v good price for a 12YO single malt
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    14.28 for me not sure if I will bite. What are oeopke’s experience of this ?
    I bought a few bottles when it was on offer a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, it's really nice. A bit peated. Almost like Laphroaig.
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    Pretty easy drinking peated whisky; can't complain at that price. It's been a while since I've had it but if I had to guess where it was from I'd say Bowmore or Caol Ila
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    Bells is better honestly
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    There is a reason why it costs £10 and it's not because it's a good deal.
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    £12.60 for me worth a punt at that price
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    This stuff is disgusting, I bought a bottle so I know.
    Even the lidl stuff is much better.
    I've just been draining the last from three bottles.

    Guess which order I prefer them

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    I don't usually buy non aged whisky but for tenner for Islay whisky concidering the rating I gave it a go!!!
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    £10.92 on s&s.  Bargain if only for mixing. Thank you for posting.
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    £14.28 with an additional 15% on subscribe and save. Ordered.
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  17. Avatar
    Imho not even worth it at £10, nasty stuff.
    I'd guess this is a three year old bowmore.
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    Don't do it. This is rank. Simply vile.
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    Don't buy. It's horrible!
    Are you sure you're not confusing with their other branded whiskys?
  20. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP
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    Tried some. It is pretty rough stuff.
    Won't be buying again, really not worth it as others say.