Tower 1200W Blender £29.99 @ B&M

Tower 1200W Blender £29.99 @ B&M

Found 18th Jun 2016
This is a GREAT blender have been using this for months now bought mine for £39.99 so this at £29.99 is a bargain. Less than half the price of the Nutribullet.
Pointless getting the cheaper £15-25 blenders as they only last a few weeks or months.
This really does it all - nut butters, crushed ice, frozen fruit - unlike the cheaper blenders for a few quid less.
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Do you know the capacity on this as it doesn't state on the website? Thanks
tower xtreme pro or salter nutripro , they're the same device , diff branding . Anyway I've got the 1000 watt Salter variant, looks the same and it pulverizes anything placed in the goblet, this one here is the 1200watt variant , physically the same as the aforementioned models just has more power . there are 3 goblets (2x 800ml and 1x 1000ml) in my 1000watt model pack.. The 1000ml goblet's a bit much. The 800ml capacity goblet is about right having come from a Breville blend active with 600ml bottles. Yeah usually make up an 800ml green slush recipe to take to work . Seals well and doesn't leak into my cycle bag
No stock in Pekahm, Tottenham or willesden
I would really love to buy it... which store in London area is it available???
please help
Just bought one in Stockton on Tees... at least 3 left on the shelves.
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