Tower AirWave Low Fat Fryer £49.98 with Free Delivery Ebuyer

Tower AirWave Low Fat Fryer £49.98 with Free Delivery Ebuyer

Found 17th Dec 2014
Extended warranty with registration is 2 years

1300W - Uses less energy and cooks 3 times faster
17 litre capacity with 5L extender ring
Triple cooking power: halogen / convection / infrared
Removable glass bowl for easy cleaning and observation
Cooks from frozen no thawing time needed
Halogen heating element heats directly
Added browning roasting and flavour enhancement
Convection circulates the air for even heat distribution
Allows faster cooking

1 year standard warranty.


looks like a halogen oven to me ebuyer

These are good i have a similar one but you can get them cheaper from Aldi, which has them in quite regular at £29.99 with a 3 year warranty.

Great price

They are good..................but I tried and tried to cook stew in them and it just wouldnt cook it just kinda bubbled around the edge, good price but I didnt like them at all, both myself and my mom threw them away after storing under the sink for 12 months

bought one on black friday for £29 from b&m used it once and then sold it on, didnt like it at all.

Got one on Black Friday for £25. Used it twice and both occasions it done not bad, still not sure how to master chips in them yet!

Anyway as someone else stated it's £39.99 regular price for this in B&M so cold from me.
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