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Extension Tower with USB 10 Way Switched with Wireless Charger 5M Cord Overload Protection £17.99 sold by ETIER Trade & fulfilled by Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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Multi Sockets Extension Tower Lead with Wireless Charger - tower extension lead equipped up to 10 AC outlets (3250W/13A) and 4 fast charging usb port ( Max output 3.4A/17W in total. each USB-A 2.4A Max.). With smart IC auto-adjust charging rate, it can automatically detect your devices and deliver the optimal working speed, allow you to charge several electronic devices at the same time. Meet all your charging needs for home and office.

Space-Saving Vertical Tower Design - The space-saving vertical tower design of baykul extension lead makes full use of the vertical space to make the space look organized and tidy. You could have it on desk or floor without taking too much space.

Extra Long 5 Meters Extension Cord - The extension plug long cord 5 Meters gives you flexibility to reach distant outlets and hard to reach places. Comes with a cable tie for easy organization.Multiple plug outlet has a master control switch that makes it easier for you to control the AC sockets and USB ports. Widely used for living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, dormitory and more.

Multiple Safety Protection - The desktop power strip with 10 sockets and 4 USB is certified by CE, BS1363/A, RoHS. Built in overload protection, an integrated circuit breaker will trip off automatically to protect your devices while the power overloads. Short-circuit protection, child safety door and 750°C fire-resistant materials ensure full protection for you and your equipment.

Durable and Reliable - The 5 meters heavy-duty power cord is made of the pure copper core, which has high electrical conductivity and good heat dissipation capability. With the stable base, this power cord strip tower will not topple or fall even if your big adapters are plugged into it.
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    Should be ok, have something similar for a couple of years plugged in 24/7, switch for each side so 4 switches, no wireless charger tho. This also has only 1 switch for each level probably, not 10 switches, so 3 switches, correct me if I am wrong in case someone here has it. Majority of towers don't have switches at all. Resettable switch, nice touch. I'd say good deal for price.
    Thank you, I really appreciate your help and have now purchased
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    I've just binned an earlier version of something like this - by which I mean it doesn't have the wireless and it's got a different company name on it. Seemed to work OK but the LEDs in it all went a bit peculiar over time and I wasn't entirely confident that the rest of it would keep working. I've gone for something more standard by a known brand (so we'll see how that pans out ).

    Not rated either way, but the one I had did make me nervous as each successive light stopped working!
    Which brand did you get?
  3. Avatar
    I really want to buy this, but the comments are putting me off. Has anyone got anything good to say about it? (It's being voted hot quickly)
    Or can you point me in the direction of a branded make similar please... with a good deal also
    Something good? If every circuit in your home consumer unit has RCBOs this will be fine to use. (edited)
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    Put all the devices rarely used in one level, so can switch off 📴
    Some Poundland branches still have the smart plugs marked £5 but scanning £3 at till, bought a couple & similar to my pricey teckin plugs, app is similar too, work well with towers. Need 2.4ghz router wi-fi bandwidth too, not 5ghz. Most new 5ghz routers now can setup 2.4ghz wi-fi too tho, so no prob, older ones have 2.4. I've got smart plugs on towers for Nvidia Shield & couple of Routers for resetting each router fast. Also can put a smart plug where tower itself plugs into wall, can switch off everything fast when leaving home with one smart plug from app or hard switch on plug going into wall. (edited)
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    Showing £35.99 ?
    Has a 50% voucher
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    This has a lot on it considering the price, hence I will not trust it, particularly because the brand is not known. But I do like it.

    Replying to

  7. Avatar
    Purchased and looking forward to receiving thank you
  8. Avatar
    Not voted either way but the last time I got one of these Amazon had to recalled due to electrical fire risk, only had them for 6 weeks (got refunded via CS )

    Apparently this seems to be a very common issue with these type of towers, different brand names but all coming from the same place in China
  9. Avatar
    Thanks @Andy
  10. Avatar
    I wouldn't trust myself to put my phone at the top of this for wireless charging.
  11. Avatar
    I wouldn't touch these type of extension. I already had a previous tower extension from Amazon recalled due to fire risk.
  12. Avatar
    Would this not be a tangled mess of wires with everything plugged in?
    Probably yes, I dont understand the tower concept, unless is kept hidden. I hate wires visible all over the place.
  13. Avatar
    Wonder how much electric these wireless chargers waste
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