Tower of Doom £32 delivered @ ELC

Tower of Doom £32 delivered @ ELC

Found 2nd Dec 2011
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This is the lowest price I have seen for this. Managed to get the tower, plus knights, baddies and dragon for £54 delivered. gets good reviews.

Product details:

Figures available separately. Terrifyingly fabulous dark castle to inspire thrilling adventures for your child.

The Tower of Doom is a brilliant battle site to fire your child’s imagination. Your child can explore the dungeons, drawbridge and towering turrets, and invent their own exciting stories of knights, monsters and rescues. This brilliantly well-designed toy castle is lavishly detailed and full of fun touches to inspire your child to enjoy rewarding pretend play. The dark Tower of Doom includes a drawbridge, trap door, balconies, dungeon, bridge, turrets, scary details on the walls, and boiling lava flowing by.

Quick facts:
•Fantastic tall, dark and scary castle
•Tower of Doom has 2 towers to battle in
•Drawbridge, dungeon, bridge and much more

Great for your child’s development:
The Tower of Doom will inspire years of imaginative play for your child, and encourage them to think through stories and make their characters talk and move. Pretend play is good for building confidence and thinking skills. The dark castle is a good place for your child to explore stories of ‘goodies vs baddies’, and invent their own fairytale scenarios. As your child grows, they can enjoy playing with the Tower of Doom with friends too – which is good for communication and social skills – there’s lots of room for big battles and daring rescues.

ELC star quality:
We love the sheer size and thrilling atmosphere of the Tower of Doom. The unique shape and design offer so many opportunities for creating adventures. The Tower of Doom will last years as your child grows, and enjoys inventing increasingly sophisticated stories. Let battle commence.

What you need to know:

Size: height 110cm x width 67cm x depth: 67cm.

Self-assembly: The Tower of Doom arrives flat-packed. There are easy-to-follow illustrated instructions included. The pieces slot together to make up the castle. You don’t need any tools to build the castle. Depending on experience, it might take one or two adults around an hour to build.

Safety warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Playing tips:

Rescue bid
Let’s help the knights who are held by the baddies in the Tower of Doom. We can trick them into letting the drawbridge down, and swarm up the banked road.

Ready for Action
With heart in mouth, let’s explore. Where are the dangers lurking? What will we find deep in the dungeon, through the ring of fire? Are we being watched by those terrifying eyes?

Great for
Imaginative play
Beating the baddies
Dastardly deeds
Developing an interest in history
Absorbing knightly adventures.
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Absolute bargain, i paid about £80 when it first came out.
Well worth the £80, a steal at this price
Original Poster
I have enough toys to see me through this year & next year, but as it such a good price, I have got my mother to agree to give this to DS for his birthday next year or even next Christmas.
This is an amazing toy, bought it for my kids 2 years back for the same price & they absolutely love it.
Great toy
OMG!!! I just bought it last month for £48, gutted! It's still boxed and... I wonder if I could buy this and then return the other one, mmm. prolly not.
thanks my little boy is gonna love this
fab deal! just ordered!!!
I think I paid £48 last Christmas and that included the pack of 'Monsters of Darkness' of the best toys I have bought my son. it is played with on a daily basis and we have built up the collection of monsters and bad guys that go with it. So tempted to buy another for my 2nd son just because it's such a good price
use FREEDEL for free delivery and 5% TCB
Great, just bought one - I was going to buy it during the week so I'm glad I held off! Thanks Op!
I got one last time it was this price my 4 year old loves it! and his 6 yr old brother too..great toy!
brilliant toy at a fantastic price, I'm sure I paid almost £100 2 yrs ago for an earlier model, worth putting away for this price, endless hours of fun for the kids
great just ordered but might put it away until next christmas as i have bought so much already! x
does anyone know if you get any figures at all with this or not?? it says figures available separately but thought you might get the basics, otherwise its not so cheap by the time you've bought what they need.
I marvel at this in their stores. I want to play with it !

I don't think my little girl will want to play with this unfortunately
Fantastic thanks, I had bought a couple of weeks ago for £48 which I will now return instore. For the same price ive just got the tower, bad guys, and a set of knight. Delighted
I bought this last week for £54 with a 10% voucher code. I have now just got this, a set of red knights, bad guys and a werewolf for £52 and will take the original back to a store for a refund. Thank you!
I bought this for my son last year for £45. It has been the best thing I have ever bought him. He plays with it all the time. If I didn't already have one I would definitely be getting one at this price.
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!

I marvel at this in their stores. I want to play with it !I don't think … I marvel at this in their stores. I want to play with it !I don't think my little girl will want to play with this unfortunately

You could always get her this which is on offer for £3 extra…tml
I REALLY want to buy this..... baby not due until may though so won't get to play with it for quite a while!!
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