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Posted 11 September 2022

Tower T920003 Pressure Cooker, Twist/Turn Lid, Stainless Steel, 6 Litre, 22 cm £43.29 @ Amazon

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Pressure cooker

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Product details
Brand: Tower
Capacity: 6 litres
Material: Stainless steel
Colour: Stainless Steel
Special feature: Stainless Steel, Stay Cool Handles, Stove Top Pressure Cooker, Twist and Turn Lid
Product dimensions: 9.6D x 15.2W x 9.6H centimetres
  • A 6 Litre capacity provides enough space to cook a wide range of ingredients such as rice and beans with delicious results
  • Includes a built-in vent with steam basket can be used for steaming fish, chicken and vegetables
  • Features a twist and turn lid mechanism that helps firmly lock in all the flavours and nutrients without compromise to your mealtimes
  • Removable 60 minute timer allows you to move around the home while still being able to monitor how long is left in the cooking cycle
  • Phenolic stay cool handles make the pressure cooker easier to handle without the risk of injury. Hand wash only (Only body is dishwasher safe)

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  1. Avatar
    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know the energy consumption of an instant pot?
    Obviously south will use a different amount to pressure cook etc, harder than expected to find the answer!
    Depends what you are comparing it against. We made potato leek soup today from fresh with instant pot for 4 people (a standard soup bowl each). That's sauté function followed by 6 min high pressure. One portion was kept in the pot and reheated in the evening using the keep warm function. The total is 0.58kWh. Probably just under 2kg worth of ingredients. Yesterday we made spaghetti for three with a jar of marinara. That's 8 min high pressure for a total of 0.23kWh. About 1kg worth of ingredients. Hope that helps ... . Because of high pressure, smaller quantities, and good insulation it definitely beats the stovetop.
  2. Avatar
    I use pressure cookers Tower and Fissler for over 40 years. Used properly they'll beat any Instant Pot on price, speed and energy saving. Any pressure cooker can also be used as a stock pot.
    Instant Pot is pretty much set and forget if you use it as a pressure cooker. I throw ingredients into the pot, turn it on, then I can go back to my meetings and work. Dinner is guranteed to be ready when it is lunch/dinner time without me having to take a second look at it.

    I wouldn't recommend doing the same with a traditional pressure cooker.

    Guess it depends on if you have time to keep an eye on it.

    It is also way more than just a pressure cooker.

    But I am not really paid to convince anyone. You do you.

  3. Avatar
    Honestly, just spend a little more to get a electric one like instant pot for better safety, control and more functions.
    I was gonna write same. Who uses these when theres an instant pot
  4. Avatar
    Same price in Argos if anyone interested in48213558-olsSO.jpg
  5. Avatar
    I replaced my pressure cooker, steamer, oven, slow cooker, halogen cooker and just about every other cooking item with a ninja......Spend a bit more and get one....you won't regret it!
  6. Avatar
    Not a bad price, shame it doesn't cook at 15PSI.
    I have two stove top pressure cookers. Both are rrubbish. The rubber seals shrunk and even when they were new the pressure was weak. Not like the pressure cooker that we had when I was a kid, which was awesome.

    What has changed? Pressures come down? Perhaps I have been unlucky with my purchases..
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