Tower T14004 Digital Air Fryer £51.99 Dunelm

Tower T14004 Digital Air Fryer £51.99 Dunelm

Found 29th May 2017
This digital airfryer is currently on sale at dunelm with free standard delivery. Amazon still selling for £74.99 at the time of posting. I know it's not the big names but I was looking to try out for a reasonable price
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These any good
Is it not cheaper at B&M?

These any good

​We used ours twice. Fortunately it was a gift. It's enormous and we couldn't find space for it in the kitchen. We also didn't like the taste of air fried food. Consigned it to the garage where it sits alongside a juicer, donut maker and sodastream machine.
Great price but remember to keep the receipt! Got one at Christmas and have loved using it every week. Despite never using metal tools to move the food around only teflon plastic the basket has started losing its black not stick coating and the main base which collects the fat has lost about 4 xpound coin patches of non stick. These have turned rusty. Great air fryer shame the finish wasn't of better quality on my one.
thanks for the feedback

Is it not cheaper at B&M?

​Is it? That's the dial version I thought not the digital version
Glorfied fan assisted oven ,not a fryer as it does not move food and food cooks not uniformly. Burnt outside and uncooked inside.
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