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Posted 18 November 2022

Tower T17079 3L Air Fryer £30 Free Click & Collect at Argos

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Not the biggest capacity, but very affordable at £30. Good for chips and whatnot

Deliciously-crispy, healthy meals made faster and easier. Rapid air circulation technology cooks food 30% quicker with 99% less oil. Vortx cooking retains the traditional texture and taste, creating chips that are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside in just 15 minutes. Its space-saving design with 3 litre cooking capacity is perfect for small households. Simple to use dial controls easily set the cooking temperature and 30-minute timer. The removeable cooking basket comes with a non-stick coating taking the hassle out of cleaning.

Manual controls for easy use.

Rapid air circulation cooking technology for crispy food.

Little or no oil required for a healthier lifestyle.

Suggested for 3-4 portions.
Removable bowl.
1 cooking compartments.
Size H30.5, W24.5, D31cm.
Weight 3.39kg.
0.64m cable.
Mechanical timer.
Variable temperature from 80°C to 200°C.
Safety cut out.
1000 watts.
Model number: T17079.
Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
EAN: 5056462305165.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    At £30, if it just does chips then it's good enough for me.

    So cheap that I may buy another that has more bells and whistles if a sutiable bargain turns up during the Black Friday sales.

    Thanks OP
    In theory you could order for click and collect today and you'd have until end of the day on Saturday 26th (after black friday) to collect. If you found a better deal on Black Friday you could order something else and just never collect this, if you haven't collected after the week they just auto-refund you anyway.
  2. Avatar
    Prices don't update unless you put the item in the trolley. Add to basket and you'll see it for £30
  3. Avatar
    Having been an early adopter of an air fryer (bought a Philips model about 15 years ago) - it's been sat on top of a cupboard for about the last 10 years. Will give it a clean and gift it to someone local anyway, but before that -

    1) They cannot compare to a deep fryer. They make 'reasonable' chips, ideally you need to source part-fried chips with a higher fat content. Never had any joy getting an edible garlic mushroom out of the air fryer.

    From memory the 'homestyle' chips gave decent results. I used to occasionally fry stuff in the wok as needed, alongside using the air-fryer... ultimately I went back to a deep fat fryer, one of those fancy ones with built in filtration.

    2) I actually found one of the better uses for mine was as a high-speed pastry cooker. Probably as the high airflow design is more similar to a professional oven than a normal household fan oven. Meat bakes, croissants, that kind of thing. Much smaller capacity though so only cost effective if you want to cook one or two compared to putting 4 or more in a normal sized oven.

    3) I'm not convinced by the long term savings of air-fryers, or the economics of spending money in the hope of saving money on bills. I'm sure a lot of the hype is built up by paid for marketing/affiliation. (edited)
    The last point is especially true. I've seen a lot of people buying more expensive air fryers than this (£70-150) in the hopes of saving money. The average oven costs about 30p an hour at current prices so you'd it'd probably take almost 400 hours of cooking time (cost of appliance+energy used) before you regained the cost and it actually started being cheaper.
  4. Avatar
    1000w rubbish
    Do you want one that's 2000w?
  5. Avatar
    A convection oven with a good PR manager
    That's exactly what I've been saying for years, these don't fry, they bake.

    If your into oven chips they're great, if you want proper chips then stick with your fryer
  6. Avatar
    Bought one yesterday. Only two of us here and it's big enough .or us. Very please with buy for £30
  7. Avatar
    Update. My husband  used it yesterday. He is the main cook. He said it worked really well and the size was perfect for two.  He didn’t think we needed a larger one. I am now officially going to stop looking at  air fryers
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    I just want an air fryer for two. This looks perfect. Came up at £30 for me. Pick up tomorrow. Cheers op. Brilliant. 
    To small
  9. Avatar
    Thanks OP - Picked up the Air Fryer yesterday and delighted. Plenty big enough for two people and cooked the food really well - including chips. Followed the advice to soak potatoes first, dry and toss lightly in oil. Also, cutting the deep-fry oil soak is good news for the diet. And it will save costs in electricity. Still can't believe it was just £30 and for once got the deal before it ran out.
  10. Avatar
    I’ve got a similar Tower one, probably previous model.

    Its fine for chips, fish fingers, nuggets, battered fish etc (for the kids). Also use it to poach fish fillets in foil for myself and the Mrs.

    Very quick but still cooks the food through. Only issue is you have to lower the temperature (from instructions on food) or it burns outside before cooking inside through properly. From what I’ve seen/read this is typical of most air fryers.

    If i want to cook something more delicately (I.e not battered and/or don’t want it crispy on the outside) I just use our oven. But that’s not a fair comparrison as the oven is top end AEG which retails at over £1k. For everything else I’m happy to use the air fryer now. Also very easy to clean as basket/tray is non stick.
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    48731255-srp7r.jpg On my way....
  12. Avatar
    Just checked again, all the local Argos across Gloucestershire that showed not available most of yesterday are suddenly available again. From Cirencester to Tewksbury to Bristol, at least 13 shops. They seemed to have re-stocked. I ordered one yesterday, very early in the morning, (pick up Saturday) but if you missed it yesterday - well worth trying again.
    Snap - I've just found that they've restocked in Dover, too! (edited)
  13. Avatar
    What's bacon like cooked in one of these?
    You have to cook it one rasher at a time because the tray is so small.
  14. Avatar
    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the cooking basket, please?

    I want to buy some silicon liners (recommendations, anyone?)
    The basket is perfectly square and inside measurements are 185mm across at the very top and 180mm across at the very bottom. The depth is 80mm with the thingumajig in place in the bottom and 95mm without.

    I too would appreciate recommendations - thanks in anticipation!
  15. Avatar
    I wish that instead of waiting for the corporate God’s to provide people would show a little initiative. I built my own 240 litre air fryer using thewheelie bin the council gave us years ago for “recycling” (whatever that is?)and my wife’s hairdryer. I plan on usingit to cook our whole Christmas dinner. Starting tomorrow. (edited)
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    Almost identical to the one I bought 5 years ago, I would jump at this but mine is still going, despite the numbers being worn off on the dials. I've learned to judge how far to turn them for various foodstuffs.
  17. Avatar
    It's an Air Fryer! It's in stock! It's only 30 quid! What's not to like 🔥
  18. Avatar
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.
    No Stock here.

    Out of stock for delivery.

    This is why i don't bother with Argos and haven't for years. Their "deals" are non-existent.
    There was stock at most stores as well as delivery, it's just that it's such an amazing deal that they've all sold out last night when the deal was posted. Finding anything remotely comparable for £30 is impossible so it's understandable that there has been huge demand.
  19. Avatar
    Ordered one this morning for collection on Sunday, worked out free with nectar points I earned on the recent 20x points offer with Argos. 😁
    How fabulous. 
  20. Avatar
    It’s £50
    Add to basket to see £30 price
  21. Avatar
    Air fryer virgin here so I'll bite at this price and see what I make of my first time (edited)
    Same here.  I pick up mine today.  We only want something to heat up the odd item.  Chips, pies, etc. Just the two of us and don’t really need a huge air fryer taking up lots of space.  
  22. Avatar
    I got one a few weeks ago at £50. Gutted to miss out on the discount but these are worth every penny.
  23. Avatar
    48754784-kfBt5.jpgIn the house. Thank you Argos. 
  24. Avatar
    Good price only issue because the numerals on these kinds of timepieces have a tendency to fade, I personally would choose one with a digital timer.
  25. Avatar
    Will give this a shot as I’ve been curious plus my oven takes ages to warm up, thanks OP!
  26. Avatar
    I can vouch for these, best kitchen purchase I ever made, so much easier than an oil fryer.
  27. Avatar
    Longton Argos store in Stoke had some in online this morning, managed to order myself 1 before going out of stock again.
  28. Avatar
    Will buy this just to see what all the hype with airfriers is about..
  29. Avatar
    Good price for size. Heat added
  30. Avatar
    This looks like the Asda one I bought, but this has a more square basket, which would be better.
  31. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks for the find 🏻
  32. Avatar
    Ordered for collection on Wednesday can confirm it is £30.
  33. Avatar
    Great price heat..... buyers just be aware its only 3L and not as powerful as others..... so what am saying is just lower your expectations in what size portions it can cook
    For the price of 3 fish and chips (without any peas/curry/gravy) don't expect it to be a life changer in performamce stakes. Ideal for a singleton or two at a push. They are good and revolutionary for us on the other side if the pond, although the concept has been around for last 2 decades... At £30 if you can get one, ok... But just don't bust a nut if you can't.
  34. Avatar
    Keep checking. It was out of stock at my nearest argos, but someone may have cancelled theirs, so I got the last one in stock.
    Same happened to me, thanks! I hope it's good size enough for 2.
  35. Avatar
    Thanks for the  advice,  kept checking and one came back in stock so grabbed it. Only me so this size should be perfect.
  36. Avatar
    Cheers OP.
    Just ordered one for collection on Sunday at my local Sainsbury's. Don't know why this was just expired - there were several different collection options showing for me (NW London).
  37. Avatar
    Not sure why its expired. Stock still available near me.
  38. Avatar
    I was keeping checking & checking and then one came back at my local Argos..and I’ve grabbed it! Fantastic price & can’t go wrong thank you for posting!!
  39. Avatar
    They're back in stock in Dover (as of 00.27 am) so it might be worth checking your local store again now that it's a new day!
  40. Avatar
    Mines ready to collect 😁. Thanks OP
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