Toxic Waste Sour Candy (340g) - £2.99 @ B&M

Toxic Waste Sour Candy (340g) - £2.99 @ B&M

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Toxic Waste Sour Candy (340g) - £2.99

"Get the full taste of America with these super sour candies.

Hazardous ultra-sour flavours! Can you handle the sour?"

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Was given some of these for christmas, you can have mine for free. I like sour but these taste like sick.
I love these, and sharing them with unsuspecting friends.
Did they try and ban these cos it encourage kids to eat chemicals or something weird. Political correctness madness.
Same as when they banned candy in cigerette packages
My 4 year old son insisted on buying these whilst on holiday last year and vomited toxic waste all over my hotel bed.
So cold from me!!
Ate these in one sitting a while back. Lost my sense of taste for a few days!
Not remotely sour enough.
I don’t see the point of this kind of stuff , for a start it’s called “toxic waste”, basically meaning “sh@t in a tin”, just buy a bag of Haribo instead and save your money!
This stuff makes me pout so hard my entire face goes in
War heads beat these hands down, the more you have the worse they get! I'm sure the sour stuff what ever they use removes a layer of your tongue skin
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