Toy-Fi Teddy ***Instore*** Tesco £12

Toy-Fi Teddy ***Instore*** Tesco £12

Found 27th Dec 2014
We love Teddies and everyone loves a Goose hunt. Now combine the 2, go in Search of Wifi enabled Teddies. Once you catch one leave messages for your loved ones while you track down other deals

I picked one of these up in Tesco Extra Aberdeen today. Heaps left so at least Aberdeen will get them.


Only works on bluetooth, not wifi. Boo


bought before Christmas, installed app on all 10 bluetooth devices in household including iphones, android phones, android tablets.... could not get any of them to work. ..... not worth time and effort, very frustrating and returned!

I've just been defeated by one of these. Got it working a little bit with the nexus 7 but doesn't seem to send the message correctly the majority of the time despite saying success on the app grrr

Had this in Coulby Newham for £7.50!
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